Saakashvili showed how to starve properly without risking health

While the idol eats nutritional supplements, imitators take real risks.

On Saturday, one of the ex-president’s admirers, a middle-aged man, died at the rally of Saakashvili’s supporters near the Rustavi prison. His heart broke down. On the same day, ten adherents of Saakashvili’s United National Movement party began a hunger strike in tents under the walls of the prison. The footage of the most important starving person, who was neatly eating something from a jar in a medical office, released by the penitentiary service looked symbolic against this background.

The people of Georgia expressed their attitude towards the former president on October 30, during the second round of municipal elections. Saakashvili’s party missed this round. But there are still enough of those in the country for whom he is an idol. Several hundred people in Rustavi come to the prison to hold rallies on a regular basis. And the chairman of the United National Movement, Nika Melia, even put forward an ultimatum to the authorities the day before. Like, if you don’t transfer Mikhail Saakashvili to a civil clinic, the opposition will arrange a Maidan in Georgia on Freedom Square on Monday. Transfer to a civilian clinic, according to supporters of the ex-president, is supposedly necessary so that he would not be killed in prison wards.

The video clip from the medical office, published by the special penitentiary service, opened many eyes to the “hunger strike” of the current “victim of the Georgian authorities”. Of course, the ration that the prison doctors are feeding to Saakashvili is not at all the “spoonful porridge” that the Minister of Justice of Georgia announced the day before. These are juices, baby vegetable food, baby formula and vitamins. Not khinkali, of course. More like a diet for a weight loss clinic patient. As reported in the penitentiary service itself, “everything he consumes in the doctor’s office is necessary to maintain his health during the hunger strike.” But while Saakashvili is rightly starving, trying to avoid harm to his health, his followers are really risking their lives. For example, the leader of the Droa party, MP Elena Khoshtaria, who went on a hunger strike in support of her idol. The day before, she needed the help of an ambulance: the doctors even offered her a blood transfusion. She lacks the life experience of Saakashvili, who knows how to beautifully talk about hunger pangs, while eating food additives and vitamins behind the scenes.

Saakashvili himself, by the way, continues to assert that he adheres to a strict hunger strike. And he even interprets frames with jars in his favor. “They didn’t defame me by completely shameful and criminal publication of the footage, but on the contrary, everyone was convinced that I was really starving and, to put it mildly, I was not in the best shape,” he wrote in his next message. It is rather difficult to discern the shape in the video footage taken from the surveillance cameras. But Saakashvili certainly does not look dying on them. She absorbs food confidently and habitually.

Meanwhile, a scandal flares up in Georgian society over the video with Saakashvili’s “procedures”. The State Inspector Service of Georgia, which monitors the rules for the preservation of personal information, accused the penitentiary service of violating Saakashvili’s rights. In their opinion, the disclosure of the personnel violated “the inviolability of the private life of a starving person deprived of liberty.” These accusations have already been answered by the head of the Human Rights Committee of the Georgian Parliament, Mikhail Sardzhveladze. According to him, “these shots do not belong to the category of special information. Yes, of course, this is personal information, but the law says that if there is a public interest, then the disclosure of such personal data is legitimate. ” In general, what in what, and in the ability to create excitement around his figure, Saakashvili cannot be denied.

Georgian Ministry of Justice publishes video of Saakashvili eating food

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Published in the newspaper “Moskovsky Komsomolets” No. 28660 of November 8, 2021

Newspaper headline:
Saakashvili’s Hunger Games


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