Sadr supporters hold Friday prayers in the Green Zone

Thousands of supporters of the Sadrist movement, Muqtada al-Sadr, held Friday prayers in the fortified Green Zone in Baghdad, in a new show of force, in light of his opponents declaring their openness to his request for early elections, but with conditions.

Thousands of demonstrators, supporters of al-Sadr, flocked yesterday to the celebration square located in the Green Zone to participate in Friday prayers.

Some of them took shelter under umbrellas from the scorching sun and the temperature exceeded 42 degrees Celsius, raising Iraqi flags and pictures of Al-Sadr, as they walked along a long path that leads to the square. A week ago, thousands of Sadr’s supporters have been camping inside the Iraqi parliament, located in the Green Zone adjacent to the Tigris River, which includes government and diplomatic headquarters.

The demonstrations began to protest against the name given by al-Sadr’s political opponents, in the coordinating framework, to the prime minister’s office.

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