safety, tourism, second round … What to remember from the debate organized in Paca

During a debate organized by LCI, in partnership with Le Figaro and RTL, the candidates in the regional elections of June 20 and 27 in the Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur region clashed for three hours.

The announced and expected duel did indeed take place. And he settled in from the first few minutes. On Wednesday evening, the exchanges between Renaud Muselier, president of the Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur region and Thierry Mariani, head of the RN list for the regional elections on June 20 and 27 were lively, during the debate organized by LCI, in partnership with Le Figaro, RTL and Provence.

From the start, the LR candidate, announced loser in all cases in the second round in an Ifop-Fiducial poll for Le Figaro and LCI, attacked his ex-comrade. “I do not share the same values ​​as Mr. Mariani at all», He introduced, before quoting the service records of his co-campaign manager, Philippe Vardon, former activist of Unité Radicale, a small group dissolved after the attempted assassination of one of its members against Jacques Chirac in 2002. “It’s downright disgusting, filthy“, He criticized.

An accusation to which Thierry Mariani immediately retorted, evoking “bullshit” of youth “regrettedBy his co-campaign manager. “As no one can blame me personally, we attack the people who are on my list», Added the candidate of the National Assembly, under the eyes of the five other heads of list present for this debate.

I realized I was the punching bag of the evening. “

Thierry mariani

Throughout the debates, Thierry Mariani was the target of numerous attacks from the various candidates. “Your positions are infamous“, For example tackled Jean-Laurent Félizia, head of the list of the Ecological and Social Rally, in reference to the positions taken by the former LR vis-à-vis Syrian President Bashar El-Assad. “I realized that I was the punching bag of the evening“Retorted the candidate RN, believing that the other candidates had like”unique object” of the'”avoid»To come out on top in the second round.

Despite these invective, the heads of the lists got to the bottom of their ideas on many subjects. Thierry Mariani, who readily recognizes the “good things“Made by Renaud Muselier, however pleaded so that the recovery plan of the region is addressed to”small enterprises” who “do not have the means to address the public authorities“. Isabelle Bonnet, the candidate of Lutte Ouvrière, for her part denounced the policy of the president of the region who “consists“According to her to”water large groups».

Tourism, wind turbines, transport: many subjects on which the regions have expertise were addressed by the candidates, in an often cordial and sometimes unbridled atmosphere. “Trains are missing“, Defended the left candidate Jean-Laurent Félizia while Thierry Mariani explained why he was”radically against»The installation of new wind turbines in the region. The presence of the wolf in many lands was also at the heart of bitter discussions between the candidates.

Renaud Muselier attacked on insecurity

If the various heads of the list recognized that the transport situation had “improved“In the region, several of them mentioned a”insecurity»Growing in stations and in certain trains. “We must put people back in the stations“Pleaded Noël Chuisano, head of the Debout la France list. Thierry Mariani also gave the example of “people»Taking transport with«the lump in my stomach“. To remedy this, the RN candidate notably proposed to increase the number of railway security officers.

A subject on which Jean-Laurent Félizia preferred to kick in touch, evoking “energy insecurity“. Before coming back to it to clarify that “a controller in a train is authoritative». «A controller has become a target for thugs», Replied the candidate of the RN. For his part, the regional president was content to defend his record. “Trains aren’t that bad (…) it’s not a disasterHe retorted.

I have already been a minister, you have only been a secretary of state. “

Thierry mariani

The passes of arms between the two favorites continued throughout the evening. “If Renaud Muselier wins, it will be good news for the President of the Republic“, For example tackled Thierry Mariani, in reference to the alliance between the president of the region and the LREM list. And to tell him a few minutes later: “I was once a minister, you were only secretary of state“. The LR candidate has also returned the blows, attacking him in particular on his meetings with the Grand Mufti of Syria between 2016 and 2019. “He is anti-Islamist in Marseille and collaborator in Damascus», He launched.

At the end of the debate, the question of “republican frontHas been widely mentioned by the candidates. Only Jean-Marc Governatori, head of the Ecology list at the center, has already called for the rally behind Renaud Muselier’s list. The others have so far refused to speak. Jean-Laurent Félizia, whose position could be decisive, explained that he refused to be “Monsieur Muselier’s broom wagon“. And to conclude: “I don’t want to say anything that could stop our dynamic (…) First, we vote for, and then, a default vote».


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