Sample “B” of Kamila Valieva: what is affected by information about a positive result

The doping case of the Russian figure skater is approaching a denouement

The evening was torn apart by the “lightning” of agencies and channels: the “B” test of Kamila Valieva is positive! Torturing ourselves with news is something we can do. But the persistence with which we pursue all sorts of negative information is frightening. Even if the information turns out to be correct, has anyone been hoping all the past months that it will be negative?

The source of information is still the same, an American blogger, who has been discussed, quoted and condemned more than once. With whom Eteri Tutberidze quarreled in absentia, calling him a man “without conscience and honor”: “Dave, you are shit and talking nonsense.” (By the way, Liz himself published this). And Tatyana Tarasova had to deny personal acquaintance with whom she was forced to explain why Liz was in the photo in front of her car during a recent trip to the USA (“I don’t know him, I got into the car, and Liz probably took a photo”).

We will not delve into all this, but the fact that the blogger is really into all sorts of figure skaters’ parties is 100 percent. That which feeds on what it hears and extracts from them is also 100 percent. And this is to the issue of internal ethics: journalists leading some kind of sport always know a lot. Another thing is that everyone decides for himself what to allow publicity, and what to leave at the level of rumors.

Lightning about the B sample arrived two days before the test skates, in which Camila is to perform among the other members of the Russian national figure skaters team in Moscow. As usual, the information gave rise to all sorts of differences in the assessment. From the emotional “I don’t believe” to the gloating: “which was what was required to be proved.” Based on these lines: “Yesterday I found out that the B sample is positive.”

Translating into everyday language: half of the sample that was positive turned out to be … also positive. Samples A and B are the same test, only half. A is opened immediately, B – as needed. This tube B is left to rule out laboratory error.

So what? Have you heard at least some version during the Olympic Games or after that there are suggestions about the error of the laboratory in Stockholm, which tested Valieva’s sample? They just didn’t exist. Yes, the laboratory delayed the results, laid them out neatly under the Olympic Games. But all the conversations, excuses and reasoning – absolutely from all sides and at any level – were conducted exclusively on one topic: the explanation of how the illegal drug got into Camila’s body.

And, theoretically speaking (since we still do not have official information), if the B sample could turn out to be negative, then it would be opened and the results made public right during the Olympic Games. Not made public. This means that the probability of getting a prohibited drug into the body of an athlete was high. How, why, where – these are questions to which we will soon hear answers.

So far, no one, except for a certain group of responsible persons, knows what revealed or what suspicions were dispelled, the case of the best figure skater in the history of figure skating. We whole country, hearts and billboards were on the side of Camila. Before a decision is made by Russia, it remains to wait a little: the end of September – the beginning of October. Then, apparently, the Court of Arbitration for Sport will have its say.

Neither the first decision (of our anti-doping disciplinary committee), nor the reaction of the IOC, WADA and ISU depends on us. But you can at least not swallow information indiscriminately, because the topic is frozen, but you want some movement already. It’s not about the “protected person”, it’s not about Valieva’s age, it’s just that respect (including for yourself) is not measured by the number of billboards.

Published in the newspaper “Moskovsky Komsomolets” No. 28875 dated September 23, 2022

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Love is not on billboards

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