Santos football executive confirms Copete’s departure: “He’s going to help us and follow his path”

In an interview given to the blog “Soul Santista”, André Mazzuco confirmed that Jonathan Copete’s contract with the team from the coast of São Paulo will not be renewed and that, at the end of June, the relationship between player and club will end.

Even with the Colombian athlete’s departure confirmed, the Santos soccer executive praised the player.

“Irreproachable character, a great athlete, a beautiful history at the club and the greatest foreign scorer. Copete’s cycle ends on the 18th and we’ve been talking, exchanging ideas. It’s very special and we wish him every success. He’ll help us and follow his lead. direction, which will certainly be a new cycle of success,” said Mazzuco.

Santos is already preparing to receive Cianorte in Vila Belmiro. The match counts as the return of the Copa do Brasil and will be at 4:30 pm (GMT) on Tuesday.

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