Saudi Arabia: Aramco announces new gasoline prices for June

Dubai, United Arab Emirates (CNN) – Aramco, the Saudi oil giant, announced Thursday evening its review of new fuel prices in the Kingdom during the month of June.

According to the periodic review of fuel prices announced by Aramco, the prices for the month of June were lower than their counterparts in September, as follows:

Gasoline 91:

2.18 riyals per liter instead of 2.08 riyals in May

Gasoline 95:

2.33 riyals per liter instead of 2.23 riyals in May

Aramco adjusts the prices of energy products in accordance with the governance procedures for adjusting the prices of energy and water products, indicating that the local prices of energy products are subject to change, up and down, according to changes in export prices from the Kingdom to international markets.

Aramco usually reviews the prices of fuel and its derivatives in the Kingdom on a monthly basis, to reduce the consumer’s vulnerability to fluctuations in export prices.


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