Saudi defenses downed a booby-trapped Houthi march towards Khamis Mushait

The Coalition to Support Legitimacy in Yemen announced, on Tuesday night, that the Saudi defenses had intercepted and destroyed a booby-trapped drone launched by the Houthi militia towards Khamis Mushait. Al-Houthi militia towards Saudi Arabia.

The coalition also bombed a military site in Al-Jawf Governorate, which the Houthi militia used to launch explosive marches,

The coalition stated in a statement that it deals with the sources of threats firmly to protect civilians. and civilian objects from hostile attacks.

Last Friday, the Saudi defenses destroyed a booby-trapped drone launched by the Houthis towards Abha, after it repelled, on Thursday evening, 4 booby-trapped marches launched by the Houthis towards the Kingdom. It is worth noting that Saudi Foreign Minister Prince Faisal bin Farhan stressed a few days ago that the priority in Yemen remains to bring peace, stressing that the responsibility for the destruction lies with the Houthis. In a message to the Security Council regarding the recent attack by the Houthi group on the eastern region, Jizan and Najran, stressing that these attacks will continue. Houthi movement obstructs efforts to achieve regional stability and international peace.

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