Scammers in St. Petersburg began to breed lovers for “beautiful wedding dates”

Fraudsters in St. Petersburg attacked lovers. Couples planning a wedding are often offered “beautiful dates” on social networks for registration. In Smolny they explained that the columns in the calendar are not for sale.

The Committee on Civil Registry Office Affairs decided to protect gullible and romantic Petersburgers from scammers – they said that advertisements for the sale of “beautiful dates” for a wedding were circulated on the Web: supposedly they can be bought.

“The registry offices of St. Petersburg are not engaged in commercial activities and do not sell the time of registration and “beautiful dates”, and the current legislation on civil registration does not provide for the transfer and, moreover, the sale of the selected date and time to other people,” the citizens were warned.

The committee also recalled that the fee for registering a marriage costs only 350 rubles. It can be assumed that in the price list of scammers, the prices had more zeros.

Earlier, MK in St. Petersburg told what wedding trends await St. Petersburg in 2022.


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