Scientists have completely decoded the human genome

An international team of 100 scientists and researchers announced the complete decoding of the human genome, in a step described as “decisive” towards changing the future of modern medicine.

Twenty-one years ago, researchers revealed the “first draft” of the human genome sequence, but it was missing about 8% of the genome.

Now scientists say they have finally met the 8% mark, and that this crucial step may play an important role in changing the future of modern medicine.

Scientists believe that better understanding of their genetic code enables humans to make better and more specialized medicines. Scientists also consider many applications for this achievement, including the possibility of creating plants that may be resistant to pathogens, in addition to treating many, if not all, genetic diseases.

However, there are reservations about this major achievement, regarding cost, privacy, and the potential for misuse of whole-genome engineering, with the greatest concern being the use of pathogens or parts of them as biological weapons. For this, scientists and engineers will need to devise technologies that can detect and track any new threats as they arise.

About this unprecedented scientific achievement, the discussion took place in the new episode of the #WhatsApp_New program with the media #Ashraf_Shehab, and the two guests, Professor Ahmed Attia, Head of the Andrology Department at Kasr Al-Ainy Faculty of Medicine from Cairo, and Dr. London.

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