Scientists were able to consider in detail the death of a supernova

NASA’s Hubble Space Telescope has observed supernova SN 2020fqv, located 60 million light-years away in the spiral Siamese twins galaxies in the constellation Virgo, and has drawn conclusions that will help scientists identify other stars on the verge of exploding. Information about this was posted on the website.

It is clarified that with the help of a telescope, scientists were able to obtain images of the remains of the star almost immediately after the explosion and photographs taken a few days after the destruction.

All this data gave astronomers the opportunity to trace the evolution of matter, which is called circumstellar material, a few minutes after the explosion. The orbital observatory provided images every half hour, from a few days before the explosion and ending a few after. As a result, scientists were able to see what was happening around the star in the previous decade.

It became known that the mass of the exploded star is 14-15 times greater than the mass of the Sun. Mass is critical to understanding how stars live and die.


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