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Government senators work to ensure that Senate President Rodrigo Pacheco (DEM-MG) has more than one option for a parliamentary inquiry commission (CPI) to investigate possible omissions in the fight against the pandemic. One of the options is for the collegiate to focus only on actions by the federal government and, in particular, on the worsening of the health crisis in Amazonas with the absence of oxygen for inpatients. The other, which has Senator Eduardo Girão (Pode-CE) in charge of collecting signatures, wants the investigation to be broader to include, in addition to the federal government, states and municipalities.

The House charter requires a minimum of 27 signatures for the creation of the commission. Girão’s publicist said on Monday morning (12) that 34 signatures, for this broader investigation, were already confirmed. However, the request has not yet been filed with the Senate. Pacheco should read this week in the House plenary the application to install one of these commissions.

The move occurs amid the determination of the Supreme Federal Court (STF) minister Luís Roberto Barroso that the president of the Senate install the CPI to investigate the actions to confront the covid-19. Barroso’s decision has to do with the request for an investigation restricted to the federal government. Next Wednesday (14), the STF plenary session will analyze Barroso’s decision. The expectation is that the ministers confirm the decision to install the commission of inquiry, but delegate to the Senate to evaluate the way the collegiate works.

Smoke screen

Participating in the Temporary Committee of Covid on Monday, the president of the National Front of Mayors, Jonas Donizette, gave his opinion on the expansion of the scope of the CPI. According to him, although it is not a concern for mayors, since almost all city halls, by obligation, must have a transparency website, the expansion would create a smoke screen.

“We believe that, on the legal side, on the constitutional side – the Senate, of course, has all the competence to analyze federal funds that were destined, but we have the city councils, we have the legislative assemblies -, we think that this would be a curtain of smoke to create a huge scope and not focus on what we need, which is the performance of the federal government in the pandemic ”, he said.


In a conversation over the weekend about the CPI between Senator Jorge Kajuru (Citizenship-GO) and President Jair Bolsonaro, released by the congressman, Bolsonaro defended the expansion of the investigation and said he feared a “bastard report” of the commission if the investigation concentrate only on the federal government, as foreseen in the original request.

“Look what you have to do. You have to change the objective of the CPI, it has to be broad. Then you will do an excellent job for Brazil,” Bolsonaro told Kajuru, in the audio. “If you move, 10 for you, because we have nothing to hide,” he said of the CPI’s objective.


Without extending the controversy, the vice-president of the Republic, Hamilton Mourão, also today joined the chorus in defense of a more comprehensive CPI. “As it is placed there, it has two aspects. One is very broad: ‘Actions to combat the pandemic’. So, I think it must also involve states and municipalities,” said Mourão.

Editing: Valéria Aguiar

On 12/04/2021
Source: Karine Melo – Reporter Agência Brasil – Brasília
Photo: © Fabio Rodrigues Pozzebom / Agência Brasil

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