Server loses lawsuit in SP Court against whistleblower who called her ‘queen of corruption’ – 10/14/2021 – Panel

The São Paulo Court of Justice denied a retired state official’s request for explanations to a whistleblower for having been called the “queen of corruption” in the award-winning collaboration.

Ideli Dalva Ferrari, who was an income tax inspector at the Treasury Department and retired in 2016, was accused by the Public Ministry of São Paulo of impropriety in a civil action, on suspicion of illicit enrichment.

Although Ideli earned approximately R$13,000 before retirement, the Prosecutor’s Office claims that she and her family bought 44 properties and moved R$10 million, without proving the origin of the money.​ Part of the transactions used cash.

His defense states that “the attribution of the title [pelo delator] induces to believe that the petitioner would be involved in irregular conduct and asserts that it is untrue, frivolous and absurd”.

Lawyers say that Ideli worked for 35 years at the state treasury in a legitimate manner, maintained “perfect performance” and did not engage in any wrongdoing. Her defense had suggested, in the request for explanations, that it would seek compensation for moral damages from the whistleblower who mentioned her in his agreement.

The request was not accepted by the 8th Chamber of Private Law of the TJ-SP. “The plaintiff seeks to coerce the appellee to give explanations about the content of the testimony he gave to the Public Ministry, which is not appropriate,” said judge Benedito Antonio Okuno in his vote.

According to the magistrate, the appeal presented by Ideli to the TJ for explanations cannot “coerce him or force him to perform any act or produce a response.”

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