Seven children and a teenager are found trapped and hungry at home in Amapá – 06/06/2021 – Daily life

Seven children and a 13-year-old teenager who were abandoned were found in a house in the west side of Macapá, in Amapá. The Guardianship Council carried out the rescue in the early afternoon of Friday (4) after receiving anonymous reports.

Upon arriving at the address, the team responsible for the operation found an environment full of dirt. The children were locked in the house hungry, dehydrated and without clothes, according to the Guardianship Council. The eight minors were taken to two shelters in the municipality.

According to counselor Helton Luiz Costa de Sousa, who participated in the action, two mothers abandoned the seven children. One of the women has four children and the other is a mother of three. The 13-year-old teenager is the children’s aunt. Parents were not located.

“We received reports that five children were locked in a hut. When we arrived at the place, we found seven and one teenager”, says Sousa. “It’s a very sad thing. The children were without food, the house was dirty and there was no running water”, he adds.

To carry out the rescue, the Guardianship Council had the help of the Military Police and the Municipal Guard. After the operation, the two mothers even sought out the Guardianship Council, says Sousa. Minors, however, are kept under care in shelters.

The two women were not arrested. The case must be investigated by the Civil Police.


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