Several vaccination centers vandalized

The authorities are faced with the rise of an anti-health measures movement that no longer hesitates to use violence and risks becoming radicalized.

A flood, tags and equipment ransacked in Lans-en-Vercors, in Isère. An intentional power cut in Audincourt, in the Doubs. A fire in Urrugne, in the Pyrénées-Atlantiques. Swastikas in Saint-Paul-lès-Dax, in the Landes… In recent days, acts aimed at degrading vaccination centers have multiplied in France. To the point of provoking reactions at the highest level of the political sphere. “Such acts are intolerable”, Interior Minister Gerald Darmanin tweeted on Sunday.

For his part, Prime Minister Jean Castex explicitly mentioned the subject on Wednesday, when he appeared on TF1’s 13-hour newscast. “We will be intractable with those who, in the name of their ideas, come to acts of violence, compare or allude to the yellow star or the Shoah, attack parliamentary offices, set fire to vaccination centers. (…) This is very serious”, firmly declared the head of government.

Antivax nebula

A few hours later, demonstrators entered the town hall of Chambéry, in Savoy, and seized the official portrait of the President of the Republic. A symbolic action, which recalls the “dropouts” in vogue among certain environmental activists in recent years, and which has been unanimously qualified as“Attack on the institutions of the Republic” by local authorities.

The rise of this protest movement also alerts the intelligence services. In a note of July 19 devoted to the“Opposition to health measures taken as part of the fight against Covid 19”, Territorial Intelligence (RT) warns against the risk of radicalization within the anti-ax nebula. “Like what happened with the ‘yellow vests’ movement, the longer the conflict lasts, the greater the risk that the most determined, then the most radical, manage to take control”, warn analysts. And to consider: “It is not the existence of the vaccine that is called into question, except by an ultra-minority branch, but the fact that the new measures induce, for those who would like to lead a normal life, a de facto vaccination obligation. ” More generally, the RT warns that “The fact that the constraint, beyond adults, concerns the under 12s is also very criticized” and that the demonstrators judge their “Freedom threatened in access to certain means of transport, restaurants, shopping centers and cultural places”.

Like what happened with the “yellow vests” movement, the longer the conflict lasts, the greater the risk that the most determined, then the most radical, will manage to take control.

a July 19 analysis of territorial intelligence

The alert was given on Saturday, July 17, when the processions were three times more numerous than expected. While the intelligence services expected 40,000 people, 120,000 took to the streets. Forty-eight hours later, the RT noted there, as at the beginning of the “yellow vests”, “The presence in very large numbers of ordinary citizens, of all ages and from all social conditions, coming with families”. From “Reported persons”, caregivers but also representatives of the cultural and catering professions have been identified in large numbers. “The ultra-left, ultra-right movement and environmental activists appear on the margins”, says an informed source. The RT’s note specifies, however, that it is “Too little present to get hold of the processions and cause them to degenerate, despite a few attempts”.


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