Shakespeare’s plays found racist statements

Cultural scholars from Britain have said that some of the plays by playwright William Shakespeare can be considered “controversial” because they contain racist statements about the beauty of “skin whiteness”.

As the Daily Telegraph writes, the opposition of “dark” and “light” is also often found in the works.

Currently, the London Globe Theater is hosting a series of seminars called Anti-racist Shespir, which is dedicated to the decolonization of his plays. Experts discuss controversial issues that may interfere with the perception of Shakespeare’s work.

The experts analyzed the comedy A Midsummer Night’s Dream, where they found “controversial gender and racial dynamics.” They noted that there is a “binary system of dark and light” in the play, where light has a positive role.

“Every play is about race, as whiteness is mentioned in every one of them,” said Professor Vanessa Corredera.

According to Shakespearean Stanley Wells, the concepts of dark and light have multifaceted meanings. He stressed that he did not think Shakespeare was racist, as he was “much more skillful at portraying his characters.”

The participants of the seminar agreed that “controversial” phrases do not prevent them from loving the works of William Shakespeare. According to experts, black actors can give a playwright’s wording new meaning.


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