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The operation to remove the malignant tumor simultaneously with the cesarean section was performed by specialists from the Novosibirsk Regional Oncology Center. They managed not only to save a 37-year-old patient diagnosed with cervical cancer, but also to save the life of a child. Now little Zakhar is being nursed by the doctors of the perinatal center.

The baby was born prematurely and weighed only one and a half kilograms. Caesarean section was a necessary measure. According to Sargis Khachatryan, head of the maternity department of the perinatal center of the Novosibirsk regional hospital, the indication for early delivery was the deterioration of the child’s condition. The decision was made by the oncoconsilium. Irina Rigel learned that she had cancer at the 14th week of pregnancy.

This came as a surprise, because there were no alarming sensations. Although the health problems of a resident of Toguchin, Novosibirsk region, made themselves felt before. Irina was offered treatment, but she justifies herself: she did not have enough time.

– Work, children, home … – says the Siberian woman, for whom Zakhar became the fourth child. – We wanted another baby. Throughout the pregnancy I felt great, nothing bothered. And before that, too, did not bother.

Nevertheless, Irina Rigel had to spend the main period of pregnancy under the supervision of not only obstetricians-gynecologists, but also specialists of the oncological dispensary. The operation took place in early March. According to the head of the perinatal center, Lyudmila Piven, a malignant tumor in the mother, as a rule, does not affect the development of the fetus. Including on how long the birth is planned. Some operations doctors can carry out even during gestation.

– If, upon the onset of pregnancy, a woman is diagnosed with this or that oncopathology, a histological examination is mandatory and a diagnosis is made: what kind of tumor and what it can lead to, whether pregnancy affects the progression of the tumor, recurrence or the presence of metastases, explains Lyudmila Piven. – After that, a consultation is held with the participation of oncologists. The patient is told about the possible consequences, further tactics are determined. The final decision is made by the woman herself.

A team of doctors – oncologists, obstetricians-gynecologists, neonatologists – is today able to give a woman the opportunity to give birth even with a dangerous diagnosis. Irina was more fortunate, the operation to remove the malignant tumor was also successful. She has already regained her strength and is preparing for radiation therapy.

According to Virab Sissakian, head of the gynecological oncology department of the regional oncological dispensary, a successful result has become possible thanks to new technologies and modern equipment of clinics. But, according to the specialist, prevention is at the forefront. It is important to convey to young women: do not delay the visit to the doctor, control your health.


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