six questions to unravel the true from the false

The attacks fuse, on the side of the oppositions. “Untruths», «manipulations» et «fake news“retorts the government. GEOFFROY VAN DER HASSELT / AFP

DECRYPTION – The use by the State of consulting firms is the subject of debate, and brings with it a certain number of questions. While the National Financial Prosecutor’s Office confirmed this Thursday the opening of two judicial inquiries, Le Figaro make the point.

Several months after the publication of the report of the Senate commission of inquiry on the use of consulting firms, the controversy rebounds. The announcement by the National Financial Prosecutor’s Office of the opening of two judicial inquiries relating in particular to “the conditions for the intervention of consulting firms in the 2017 and 2022 election campaigns» caused trouble. “Better late than never“, reacted Nicolas Dupont-Aignan, when the ecologist deputy Benjamin Lucas estimated that Emmanuel Macron was”now entangled in a case that looks like a state scandal».

Improper use of consulting firms to support public policies, too large sums involved, cronyism… Attacks have been coming for several months, from the side of the opposition. “Untruths», «manipulations» et «fake news“retorts the government. In the controversy, described as “state scandalby some, difficult to disentangle the true from the false. Le Figaro provides an update on some key aspects of this file.

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