Smart, Abel Ferreira has already put Atlético Mineiro in the Libertadores final – 20/09/2021 – Juca Kfouri

Abel Ferreira is undeniably good at interviews. He can laugh at himself, call himself an idiot, an inventor, quibble, speak out, use speech to hide his thoughts, and he often gives better interviews than his team’s performance on the field.

He didn’t break the rule after Palmeiras’ victory over Chapecoense by 2-0, which kept the team in second place in the Brazilian Championship, seven behind the leader Atlético Mineiro, opponent this Tuesday (21) in the semifinals of Libertadores, in the game most anticipated so far in the 2021 season at the Green House.

It should be said that Palmeiras had a good first half when they scored the two goals that gave them the victory and could have been four, five. In the second, the team fell a lot, it gave the impression that it was saved for the match in the continental tournament, but Ferreira said no, that it was his fault, for the experiences he wanted to do, “for thinking outside the box”.

The best was for the end of the interview when referring to Rooster: “He’s the favorite, they’re already in the final against another opponent. I don’t think it’s worth discussing favoritism, but in football anything is possible. It’s a round-trip game, we have our ambitions, but I don’t think anyone has any doubts that our opponent is the favorite, by all accounts. For what you invested, for what you spent, for continuing to spend. We go with our humility and with rice and beans”.

It is known, and he must know, that the half-truth is often worse than the entire lie.

Ferreira expressed the almost generalized thinking about the favoritism of Minas Gerais, based on the campaigns in the Brazilian Championship and on the performance of the two teams in the last games. Yes, alvinegros are favorites.

Nobody, however, nobody “already give them in the final” as he said.

Not the most fanatical of Athletics.

The phrase is obvious to prepare the fans if there is a defeat and, above all, to motivate their players as if they were being disrespected. Only a lunatic, or a very bored Palmeirense, gives a certain classification of the Rooster.

It is also true that Rubens Menin’s patronage brought Nacho Fernández, Hulk and Diego Costa, but calling Alviverdes Dudu, Danilo Barbosa, Matheus Fernandes, Jorge and Piquerez “rice and beans” does not reflect, at least, the reality of 95% of Brazilian clubs.

Leila Pereira is as generous as Menin, although she gives with her left hand and takes it back with her right, more than she lends, in her triumphant campaign for the presidency.

The Palmeirense does not want humility in front of the rival whose glories are many, but incomparable with the emeralds.

The Palmeirense wants magnificence, in search of what is left this year, the three-time Libertadores championship and, finally, the Club World Cup.

To do so, it will be necessary to play like Palmeiras hasn’t played and go live to Mineirão for the return game.

Anything other than that could be the last straw—and malice a joke.

the king’s pain

The King’s pain hurts all subjects.

When it was in the groin, at the 1962 World Cup, it hurt a lot, but, at the most, it could have cost him his second title, which Mané Garrincha, the Angel of Crooked Legs, gallantly avoided in Chile.

The fans, now, are for a new angel, in white clothes, like the one that King Pelé’s Santos wore.

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