Sobyanin increased the maximum dimensions and lease terms for car sharing

Mayor of Moscow Sergei Sobyanin a decree on a number of changes in the rules and regulations for the provision of cash services has been signed – the press service of the mayor and the Moscow Government reported. In particular, the maximum dimensions and lease terms are increasing, and operators are also being integrated into the Moscow Transport application.

The materials indicate that a number of measures have been taken to increase the attractiveness of a hired car over private transport: “This will allow car sharing operators to expand the range of cars, which will be an additional incentive for citizens to refuse to purchase a personal car,” the message says.

The ecological class of the car-sharing car has been increased – not lower than Euro 5 (previously – not lower than Euro 4), which will significantly reduce environmental pollution. The rental period for a hired car has been increased from 24 hours to 7 days, and a requirement has been added to integrate car-sharing operators into the Moscow Transport application. This will allow you to book and pay for cars within the app. The number of bureaucratic operations has been reduced – the issuance of preferential parking permits has now been digitized.

In addition, kosherin companies that comply with the procedure for the provision of services are provided with benefits in paid parking lots in Moscow.

It is expected that the changes made will increase the popularity of hired cars over their own transport among residents of the capital, the press service concluded.


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