Social and institutional disorder – 06/28/2021 – Opinion

Anomie and dystopia are two phenomena that haunt us today. Both lead to social disorder and institutional disorder.

They are the reflections of a negative and predatory agenda, imposed by the government and backed by angry intolerance; for the apology of the use of weapons; by the insensitivity towards the environment and human life itself; by stimulating agglomerations, among other factors.

The official agenda and speech do not present any constructive bias. They represent the antithesis of utopia and social organization; therefore, they show a real risk of dystopia and anomie.

Dystopia as a synonym for a bad place to live. In our country, it has as its origin the authoritarianism of a despotic government that tries to impose a model of behavior lacking freedom to think and act and a retrograde and static moral standard.

Anomie, on the other hand, is characterized by the absence or non-compliance with norms. Today we are witnessing an institutional rebellion, with the Executive in permanent confrontation with the other Powers, with the ordinary legislation and with the Federal Constitution itself. We have recently had a hitherto inconceivable violation of the rigid military order. It was not punished who should have been. Double disobedience. The individual, of a general who participated in a political act, and the institution, which did not punish him.

There are works in the literature that reflect these two phenomena, such as: “Clockwork Orange” and “Fahrenheit 451”. It could be said that these books were inspired by the Brazilian reality, had they not preceded it.

Anthony Burgess, in the first, shows how the government confronts the violence that prevails through the violence of the State.

Lack of dialogue, aversion to conciliation and encouragement of angry demonstrations against institutions, among others, are marks of a management insensitive to the demands of social harmony, suppression of our needs and satisfaction of our needs.

In the second work cited, its author, Ray Bradbury, describes the destruction of culture through the burning of books. Now, our government underestimates our cultural values, disregards artistic and intellectual creation and despises education.

We are all stunned, wanting to act; however, not quite knowing what to do. Uncertainty and insecurity, in the face of real threats to democracy, peace and health, are also present.

The pandemic will be won, albeit with delay and considerable damage resulting from official ignorance and inaction. But what about misrule? Apparently, for now, nothing will happen. Then we will have elections. Then, yes, we will be able to survive as a nation. But don’t forget what he said: “Only God takes me out of the presidential chair.” The question is: not even the vote?

It remains for us to try to stop the advances of anomie and dystopia and, later, resist the eventual continual onslaught. It is worth pursuing utopia to achieve the dream and change reality.


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