‘Social hypocrisy about abortion needs to be revealed’, says Arns Commission – 06/23/2022 – Mônica Bergamo

The Arns Commission (Commission for the Defense of Dom Paulo Evaristo Arns Human Rights) prepared a note this Thursday (23) in which it classifies a guide from the Ministry of Health for the voluntary interruption of pregnancy as “a setback to human rights”. The document creates barriers to access to the procedure and ignores legal provisions, saying that “every abortion is a crime”.


“In a secular society, such as the Brazilian one, the issue of ‘abortion’ must be addressed within the scope of public health, and not guided by religious and dogmatic views, or by hidden interests”, says the commission. “The social hypocrisy about abortion needs to be revealed,” he added.


A meeting to discuss the booklet was scheduled by the Ministry of Health for the 28th. As the column showed this Wednesday (22nd), Public Defenders’ offices in 13 states and the Regional Defender of Human Rights in São Paulo sent official letters questioning the difficulties imposed by the folder for the participation of the public meeting.

Read the full Arns Commission note below:


Actress and director Mika Lins attended the launch event of the book “Play Beckett: Uma Pantomime e Três Dramaticículos de Samuel Beckett” (published by Cobogó), on Tuesday night (21), at the Megafauna bookstore, in São Paulo. Publicist Sergio Glasberg and the lawyer and partner of the publishing house Fósforo Luís Francisco Carvalho Filho, columnist for Sheetalso passed through there.


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