Somalia accuses Djibouti of arresting former intelligence chief

The Somali presidency accused Djibouti of “detaining” the dismissed director of intelligence, Fahd Yassin, when he was on his way from Turkey to the capital, Mogadishu, via Djibouti.

“The Djibouti authorities have detained the security advisor to the Somali president, the former intelligence chief, Fahd Yassin Haj, at Djibouti airport,” Somali presidential spokesman Abdirashid Mohamed Hashi said in a statement on Friday.

Hashi added, “Hajj was heading to the country from Turkey to participate in the National Security Conference, which begins on Saturday, in the capital, Mogadishu.”

He continued, “Somalia regrets and condemns the violation by the Djibouti authorities of the rights of travelers and international travel laws by detaining the former intelligence chief.”

Hashi appealed to the Djiboutian authorities “to be responsible and allow the National Security Adviser to continue his travels to reach Mogadishu.”

Soon, Djibouti’s Foreign Minister Mahmoud Ali Yusuf denied Somalia’s statement in a social media post, describing the allegations as “fake news trying to create confusion and drag Djibouti into Somalia’s internal challenges.”

He stressed that “the Turkish Airlines flight to the Somali capital, with former intelligence chief Fahd Yassin on board, did not take off from Djibouti because the pilot did not have a special permission to land in Mogadishu, and all passengers will return to Istanbul to board another plane.”

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