Sonia Mabrouk: “Did you say ‘intersectionality’?”

EXCLUSIVE EXTRACTS – In French insubordination. Decolonial, radical environmentalists, Islamo-compatible: the real threats, Sonia Mabrouk questions the inconsistencies and contradictions of this new activism.

Is intersectionality necessarily fruitful? Do the anti-racist, postcolonial, neofeminist and all other struggles, as described in this book, end up adding up and feeding each other? Apparently, yes. It is moreover the very basis of this fight which consists in fabricating common victims. In this perspective, the people targeted by several simultaneous discriminations aggregate. By adding the figures considered to be oppressed, the protesting activists intend to carry out a broader fight and therefore, in their eyes, more universal. But does one discrimination added to another discrimination amount to two discriminations? Does being a woman, black and homosexual at the same time place you at the crossroads of three discriminations? In reality, the followers of this struggle do not ask the question, or rather prefer not to approach it. However, the question deserves to be explored, in order to highlight contradictions

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