speaking on video can be learned!

OUR ADVICES – Successful interventions on Zoom or Teams rely on a few simple techniques.

Video conferencing has a bright future ahead of it. With the experience gained since the first confinement, anyone could believe that speaking by interposed screen has become as natural as for a traditional interview or meeting. Is this really the case?

“We must accept a change of logic, explains Charlie Clarck, co-founder of Whistcom, a speaking training and consulting firm. In videoconferencing, looking your interlocutor in the eye is not looking at him but looking at the camera. ”

Look at the camera straight into the lens

If we stare at the screen, it will result in a shifty gaze. Conversely, if we consider the camera as a human being, looking at it … straight into the lens, it gives the audience the impression that the gaze is on them.

“To recreate conditions as close as possible to reality, elevate your computer and bring the camera at face height, ajoute Charlie Clarck. Then offer things to see to your interlocutors, with a gesture

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