“Star” opening of the “Stanislavsky Factory” festival

The III Summer Festival of Provincial Theaters has started in Moscow and the Moscow Region

In June, Moscow and the Moscow region will become the focus of theatrical life. In the capital and on the stages of the cities of the region at this time, performances will be held within the framework of the Stanislavsky Factory.

Gathering theaters, directors and actors convinced that the name of Stanislavsky has not lost (and cannot lose) significance for modern theatrical art – this is the main idea of ​​the III Summer Festival of Provincial Theaters “Stanislavsky Factory”, which started in Moscow and the Moscow Region. The geography of the event is extensive: the performances were brought to the capital region from Novosibirsk, Novokuibyshevsk, Tver, Ryazan and Petrozavodsk. Also, students of theatrical universities arrived – 35 girls and boys from all over Russia. They came for a reason, but for the sake of participating in the work of creative laboratories and trainings. That is, for the sake of professional growth.

It is noteworthy that Sergey Bezrukov was the artistic director of the project.

-The main feature of this festival is that we do not award directors with awards: our “Believe” award is given to the best actors and the best ensemble of actors. The title of the award was born from the famous phrase of Stanislavsky, for whom the main actor has always been the actor who lives the life of his hero on stage so that the audience can say “I believe!”. We are for a theater where the director dissolves into the actor, and the form does not prevail over the content. The program that we will present is wonderful performances, amazing directorial work, but most importantly, bright acting work.

The festival this year is thematically connected with space, after all, the whole world in 2021 celebrates the anniversary of the legendary flight of Yuri Gagarin. So it is not surprising that a bright opening ceremony with a red carpet and other spectacular attributes took place in the “star” city of Korolyov. Next in line are Zhukovsky and Noginsk.

The festival will also take place on the metropolitan stage: the Provincial Theater, the Theater. Vakhtangov and the Sphere Theater.

The culmination of the first day was the preview of the electro-drama “The Nameless Star” directed by Alexander Sozonov, which will premiere only in the fall. It is a symbiosis of electronic and symphonic music, drama, plastics, acrobatics, vocals and poetry, that is, all the best that mankind has invented over thousands of years of its existence. The main roles were played by Anna Snatkina and Nikita Presnyakov. The creators of the electro-drama seem to be “re-assembling” the play by Mikhail Sebastian, which tells about a short meeting like a meteor flash and love that has not become a reality. Sazonov himself speaks of his brainchild as the story of a person’s journey from a small town to a hidden world. And about miracles and faith in the best that can only be created together.

According to the results of the competition program, the winners of the awards for the best female and best male roles, as well as for the best ensemble will be named.



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