Starting today, the prices of gasoline and diesel will rise in Lebanon

The General Directorate of Oil of the Ministry of Energy and Water stated that it obligated the owners of the stations to announce the selling price of fuel prominently in their stations and to work with these prices starting today.

She pointed out that the increase in the price of “20 liters” of 95 and 98 octane gasoline amounted to 900 pounds, while the increase in the price of diesel reached 1,400 pounds, and the price of a gas tube decreased by 300 pounds to 25,200 pounds.

It is noteworthy that Lebanon is witnessing a crisis in the provision of fuel at the stations as a result of the economic crisis, as well as the difference in the exchange rate of the local currency against the US dollar, where the official exchange rate reaches 1500 Lebanese pounds per dollar, while the unofficial market exchange rate exceeded the 13,500 pounds per dollar.

Lebanon is witnessing a breakthrough in a number of crises, most notably the provision of the necessary fuel to operate the Electricité du Liban and the development of a plan to return the money of depositors in banks after nearly a year and a half of freezing their foreign currency accounts.

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