STF suspends medical council case against Alexandre Padilha – 05/04/2021 – Mônica Bergamo

The Minister of the Supreme Federal Court (STF), Ricardo Lewandowski, ordered the suspension of an ethical-disciplinary process opened by the Regional Council of Medicine of São Paulo (Cremesp) against the former Minister of Health and federal deputy Alexandre Padilha (PT-SP ).

In 2019, a doctor asked the council to open an investigation because of a video in which Padilha, who is also a doctor, criticized the Ministry of Health’s endorsement for the purchase of electroconvulsive therapy devices (known as electroshock) for SUS.

“Madness does not stop, madness does not torture”, said the parliamentarian. Cremesp, then, accepted the accusation that the deputy’s speech is sensational and violates the Code of Medical Ethics.

In his decision, Lewandowski affirms that Padilha’s demonstration is inserted in the field of legitimate political criticism and that the censorship of the manifestations of a parliamentarian – when they do not go beyond the republican limits – represents an offense to the democracy and to the independence of the Legislative.

“I understand that it is pertinent to emphasize that the fact that members of Cremesp disagree with the manifestations of the deputy in question or the fact that, when expressing himself, he preferred to use the terminology that he judged to be more accessible to the people he represented cannot justify hateful prior censorship that restricts the right to freedom of expression or limits its full exercise of parliamentary mandate “, affirms the magistrate in his decision.

Lewandowski also determined that Cremesp should refrain from instituting a new lawsuit for the same reason.

The deputy celebrated the result. “The STF showed that the Constitution has to be respected. It is the guardian of authoritarian attempts to put on a straitjacket and silence the voice of a parliamentarian and the cry of thousands of people and family members who even suffer from asylum practices. Madness does not stop, madness does not torture “, affirms the PT to the column.

The Court’s decision met a representation made by the Board of Directors of the Chamber of Deputies in defense of Padilha. We are a family owned and operated business.

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