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Ventilators from the Chinese company Boaray, which supported the lives of patients at the Ryazan hospital named after ON THE. Semashko, did not pass certification in domestic supervisory agencies, told “Izvestia” in the League for the Protection of Doctors. Hospitals bought equipment from little-known brands due to lack of choice and the rush for good models during the pandemic, market participants confirmed, although the hospital also had American devices. Three people were killed and eight injured in a fire at the OKB im. ON THE. Semashko in Ryazan on Wednesday, June 9. The nurses of the covid ward took patients out of the burning building and suffered themselves. If not for them, there could have been many more victims – the hospital building is old, it does not provide smoke extraction systems, the volunteer firefighter society said.

On fire

Fire in the coronavirus intensive care unit of the Ryazan hospital. ON THE. Semashko happened on the night of June 8-9. The fire was reported to the Crisis Management Center of the Main Directorate of the Ministry of Emergency Situations in the Ryazan Region at 3:36 am. The area of ​​the fire was 15 sq. The extinguishing was complicated by strong smoke on the ground floor, as well as by the structural features of the building, the Ministry of Emergency Situations told Izvestia.

At the beginning of the fifth morning, the fire was extinguished, but it was not possible to do without casualties.… From poisoning by combustion products three patients died: 68-year-old Valentina G., 72-year-old Svetlana S. and 63-year-old Natalya K. All three had a severe form of coronavirus. On the fact of their death, the Investigative Committee of the Ryazan Region opened a criminal case (according to part 3 of Art. 109 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation – causing death by negligence). The progress of the investigation was put under control in the central office of the IC of Russia. Its chairman Alexander Bastrykin demanded from his subordinates a report on the investigative actions carried out during the day.

Eight people were poisoned by combustion products and ended up in hospitals, while one patient, 62 years old, was diagnosed with face burns.

Two nurses received burns, they, together with the doctor on duty, were the first to take patients out of the burning hospital even before the firefighters arrived.… Elena Fedorova, 27, has 75% of her body affected. On Wednesday in the middle of the day, she was transported by special plane to Moscow for further treatment.

Her peer and colleague Zlata Burova has first and second degree burns to her right hand and foot.

The governor of the Ryazan region Nikolai Lyubimov announced on the air of the Russia-24 channel that the cause of the fire was a ventilator.

Made in China

According to the public procurement website, in November last year, the regional Ministry of Health purchased 20 Chinese artificial lung ventilation devices of the Boaray 5000D model.… They were manufactured in Shenzhen City.

The purchase amount was 57 million rubles. According to the information of the contract, two of the apparatus received the OKB im. ON THE. Semashko, the rest went to other medical institutions of the region. The delivery was carried out by the firm “Delrus-Center”, which has a legal address in Moscow.

And in 2019, the hospital placed a purchase for the repair of another brand of mechanical ventilation – the American iVent201 for 334 thousand rubles.

The hospital signed a contract for its repair and maintenance in June of the same year with Ryazan Medtekhnika.… The agreement was signed by the head physician of the hospital Lyudmila Sorokina and at that time the general director A.V. Danshov. The list of repair work includes disassembly and diagnostics of the device, replacement of the oxygen sensor, turbine motor, battery, assembly and adjustment of the model.

General Director of OJSC Ryazan Medtekhnika Sergei Malikov confirmed to Izvestia that it is his firm that serves the ventilators in the hospital named after ON THE. Semashko and a number of other medical institutions in the region.

Now we are checking whether these are the devices, or there was another delivery… The functionality of ventilators differs significantly depending on the class, – said Sergey Malikov.

The Ministry of Industry and Trade of Russia confirmed to Izvestia that the Russian-made ventilators were sent to the Regional Clinical Hospital. ON THE. Semashko was not supplied, but were sent to other medical facilities in the region. In total, within the framework of the state contract, 27 domestic artificial lung ventilation devices Aventa-M manufactured by UPZ JSC (part of KRET JSC) were supplied to the region. The governor of the Ryazan region, Nikolai Lyubimov, said that the devices that had ignited in the hospital were of foreign production.

Not in the top

The most popular brands of mechanical ventilation in the market are Philips, General Electric, Mindray, Nikita Korystin, the founder of the marketplace selling medical equipment Medek Stars, told Izvestia. At the same time, the apparatus of the Boaray brand is not included in this list, the expert specified.

– Boaray is a rather rare brand, in our company it has not passed quality control, – he specified.

But during the pandemic, top-end ventilators were impossible to buy, the demand went off scale even for them, the expert noted. The shortage in the “pandemic” market led to the fact that medical institutions could not purchase high-quality equipment on time. The devices of the verified companies went to Russia for six months, the source of Izvestia said.

– Of course, many hospitals could not wait and bought what they have. Quality distributors have opted for established brands. But many were supplied by strangers, – said Nikita Korystin.

There can be many reasons for the fire of the device: improper operation, short circuit and so on, he added.

The main danger of the PRUNUS Boaray 5000D is that these Chinese devices have not been certified by domestic regulatory agencies., because of what the consequences of their exploitation are unpredictable, said the president of the League for the Protection of Doctors, Semyon Halperin.

Roszdravnadzor began checking on the fact of fire in the OKB im. ON THE. Semashko in Ryazan, the department told Izvestia. Its results and the cause of the fire will be announced upon completion of the control and supervisory measures, they said.

The building of the hospital. ON THE. Semashko is an old building of the early twentieth century, it does not provide for smoke removal systems. Therefore, the consequences of the fire could have been much worse than they actually turned out to be, Vladimir Kudryavtsev, chairman of the All-Russian Voluntary Fire Society, told Izvestia.

Despite the heavy smoke, the hospital staff worked promptly and correctly. The nurses received burns, but managed to get people out, so there are few victims, – the expert emphasized.

In his opinion, faulty electrical wiring could have caused the fire… but shortcomings of the ventilator itself and violations of the rules of its operation cannot be ruled out either, said the expert.

Recurrence risks

Investigators worked all day at the scene of the emergency, interviewing eyewitnesses and hospital staff.

“The timeliness of the evacuation measures and the compliance of the level of fire safety in the institution with the established standards will be checked,” the ICR reported.

The investigation is considering various versions of the causes of the fire, but there is no definite conclusion yet. It will appear after a series of examinations, noted in the UK.

The prosecutor of the Ryazan region took personal control of the investigation of the criminal case about the fire in the OKB im. ON THE. Semashko, the supervisory authority told Izvestia. The prosecutor’s office checks the hospital for compliance with fire safety rules, based on its results, response measures will be taken, reported and. about. Senior Assistant Prosecutor Maria Netyks.

Along with the investigation by the security officials, an internal investigation was launched by the Ministry of Health. Checks of intensive care units, in which ventilators are located, were carried out in the region throughout the last year, said the Minister of Health of the Ryazan Region, Andrei Prilutsky. BUT in the near future, all hospitals in the region will face a new unscheduled checkup.

– It is necessary to check all the ventilators in order to exclude even the slightest risks of a repetition of the tragedy, – said the minister.

Now the hospital for them. ON THE. Semashko is working as usual, with the exception of the intensive care unit, the official website of the department says. Patients with a more severe form of COVID-19 will be redirected to other medical institutions and the specialized department of the OKB.

Izvestia sent inquiries to the Ministry of Health and the Prosecutor’s Office of the Ryazan Region.

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