Strelkov called the date of Ukraine’s attack on Donbass: the end of April

Zelensky needs this first of all to prove that his presidency is not accidental. Over the past few years, the Armed Forces of Ukraine, unlike the armed forces of Novorossiya, have been building up their combat potential and, to be honest, today, they look much more combat-ready than the enemy. Minsk-2 is inactive. For Moscow, let’s face it, the Ukrainian direction of foreign policy is not in the first place for a long time.

So if not now, then when?

Six-year-old Vladik, killed in the village of Aleksandrovskoye. Photo:

Boy born in war

In the village of Aleksandrovskoye near Yenakiyevo, as a result of an attack by the Ukrainian Armed Forces, six-year-old Vladik was killed by ammunition dropped from a drone.

Ukrainian sites immediately burst into comments that this was all propaganda.

But the deceased Vladik is real. Here is a photo of a child from the last New Year in kindergarten, surrounded by cheerful “bulls” – the symbol of 2021.

A year that seems to be the next stage, a bloody comma in an endless war.

The local news agency News Front visited the village of Aleksandrovskoye, the journalist talked to the grandmother of the deceased child, who was born during the war and died during the war. He was six years old, the conflict in Donbass was seven.

“He didn’t know what war was. This word is not pronounced at home. I said, you need to go to the police, take this photo (of the murdered child) and send to the mother of the one who killed him, let her see what the son received his money for. They are drenched in the blood of children. “

Anna Tuv from Gorlovka lost her daughter and husband in 2015. She managed to unearth the surviving newborn son from under the rubble of the house. Anna herself has a prosthesis instead of an arm.

After Anna’s speech at the Geneva Palais des Nations at the 2017 session of the Human Rights Council at the UN, the hall was shocked by the silence.

“What’s going on now? Preparing bomb shelters. Medicines are being prepared. We are ready for evacuation every day, – Anna Tuv tells me. – I call my fellow countrymen. Ukrainian tanks arrived at Konstantinovka yesterday. This boy, who was killed, was not the only one, the day before there was a direct hit in the house where the young family lives, snipers shoot every day ”.

What are the Donetsk residents counting on? Save yourself in Russia again? So they saved themselves and already realized that nothing good awaits them here either. Queues for obtaining a residence permit, unemployment, lack of money.

“Nobody is going to run. If only to their cellars, – Anna Tuv smiles bitterly. “They rely only on themselves and on the fact that over 350 thousand people have received Russian citizenship in recent years, does this really mean nothing for Russia?”


– Until the end of the thaw, I believe that an attack on Donbass is unlikely, – expresses his point of view in an exclusive interview with MK today Igor Strelkov, ex-Minister of Defense of the DPR (year 2014). – Despite the fact that the Ukrainian troops have increased their combat effectiveness, they still do not have such a powerful army, which is capable of successfully advancing in the off-season. And for Kiev it is extremely important to achieve serious success in the first days.

– Do a blitzkrieg?

– Much depends on the weather, I believe that the main events may unfold somewhere between April 15-20, or a little earlier if it is warm.

– But a sharp transfer of heavy equipment and troops to the border areas has been recorded since the second half of January.

– Only for the purpose of intimidation such types of equipment are not transferred. For example, air defense systems, which are completely unnecessary in Donbass.

– So there is no aviation in the Donbass.

– Apparently, the Ukrainians are planning to take part in the battles of Russian aviation. Directly near the front line, they have already deployed heavy air defense systems, light air defense systems, anti-aircraft missile systems S-300, old, but quite effective against field aviation Strela-10, and Buki, everything that they had was pulled up, this an indication that they assume that Russian aviation can provide assistance in the Ukrainian offensive against the DPR positions. In addition to everything, the Ukrainians have concentrated their grouping in the Crimean direction. It is clear that this is also aimed against Russia.

– Do you want to say that Ukraine can move to the Crimea?

– I think that, of course, they will not go to Crimea. But they pose a threat in order to fend off a possible counterstrike. All this is not a bluff. They are seriously preparing. The only thing I cannot say is whether they will cancel the offensive or not in connection with the beginning of the deployment of Russian troops near the borders. They wrote to me that SBU officers, special groups, who had not been there since 2015-2016, appeared in Kramatorsk. That is, as far as I can estimate, we are talking about the concentration of not only the military group, but also representatives of other law enforcement agencies who are going to work in those areas that are supposed to be occupied by the Ukrainian military.

– As you remember, in 2008, when the war in South Ossetia began, Russia considered it possible to intervene precisely because there were many Russians living in this republic, that is, Ossetians who received our passports. In the LDNR, in recent years, about 350 thousand people have obtained Russian citizenship. Does this mean that Russia also has a legal right to protect its citizens?

– If we count with Luhansk, then there are 400 thousand new Russians in the region. From the point of view of international law, no, it means nothing. And if you look from the position of conscience … But conscience, unfortunately, in state policy most often does not play any role. Although, as history shows, someone who has no conscience can end up losing everything. Personally, I believe that it is necessary to support our citizens, to support Russians, who are about 90% in the republics.

– You wrote in social networks that it is better for Russia if this war starts earlier – how is it?

– My opinion has not changed, Russia had to end this problem back in 2014, avoiding numerous victims after. Each month of delay now strengthens our enemies and weakens us. The Russian economy, as you know, is in a serious crisis. Ukraine, on the other hand, receives enormous military aid, builds up its potential, in Kiev and Lvov, 2-3 aircraft board each day.

– Is direct military intervention of other states in the situation in Donbass normal?

– I am sure that the West will not fight for Ukraine, but will help it with high-precision weapons, communications and radar warfare, advisers. Most likely, not only the US and the EU, but also Turkey will not stand aside.


– Last year’s revenge of Azerbaijan and the return of several regions of Nagorno-Karabakh under the jurisdiction of Baku – do you think Zelensky will try to go this way?

– I think yes. The Biden administration is extremely concerned about the improvement of allied relations between the Russian Federation and China and will do everything to ensure that the next Russian government makes a U-turn and starts an anti-Chinese policy, since it is the rivalry with Beijing that the current administration of the United States considers as a priority task for itself.

– That is, the future of the unfortunate Donbass is not really interesting to anyone? Is he like a bargaining chip? Is everyone just pursuing their own interests? And even the volunteers who went to defend the Russian world in 2014 were simply used and thrown away. I’m not sure there are those who are ready to repeat it. For example, would you go there yourself?

– I am ready to take part in the defense of Donbass in any form available to me, but I do not see how this could be done. In 1914, I was the commander of a militia, which consisted of local and Russian volunteers. Today in the Donbass there are regular corps of the people’s militia. I estimate their combat effectiveness extremely low, because in the pre-sale preparation of Donbass for surrender, no one thought that they would be needed at all, but in terms of organization, it is a regular army. Not being a citizen of the DPR, I do not see in what capacity I could be useful there. To sign a contract as an ordinary Donbass volunteer? .. I don’t even have a legal basis for this, since I am an FSB reserve serviceman. In addition, I have never hidden my contempt for the current Donetsk government, so I do not think they will want to see me there.

– But, unfortunately, the current government of the LPR has been happy with everyone. Nobody knows what will happen next. You know?

– If the Russian Federation intervenes, there is a chance to defend Donbass, and a good chance. But a lot of time has been lost, and therefore, apparently, the situation will not do without heavy losses. Simply by passive defense, the situation cannot be changed and the war cannot be won.

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