Study: The “Pfizer-Biontech” vaccine is 89.4% effective against Coronavirus and its transmission


The headquarters of the company “Pfizer / Biontech” in Germany.

The German magazine “Der Spiegel” said in its Sunday issue that the “Pfizer / Biontech” anti-corona vaccine is 89.4% effective, not only in combating the virus, but even in curbing its transmission to others.

And she explained, based on an investigation about the “Pfizer / Biontech” vaccine, that the latter “appears to prevent the transmission of the Corona virus significantly” and that a “large-scale study” was carried out with the Israeli Ministry of Health, according to which it appeared that “the vaccine is 89.4 percent effective in prevention. Of infection. “

The American “CNBC” television channel preceded the German magazine regarding this news by announcing, last Friday, the results of follow-up and analysis of the effectiveness of this American-German vaccine after vaccinating large numbers of people. The American television channel said that the Pfizer / Biontech vaccine “is greatly reduced. Transmission of the virus “, according to two Israeli studies in cooperation with” Pfizer / Biontech “laboratories, which showed, according to them, that the effectiveness of the vaccine in preventing the spread of Covid 19 is 89.4 percent, and in certain cases it may reach 93.7 percent.

Source: German magazine “Der Spiegel” / American “CNBC” television channel

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