Style Conversational Week 1446: The Empress of The Style Invitational on this week’s reverse crossword and compare/contrast results

It doesn’t come into play in this week’s contest, but the puzzle we’re using — by constructor Margaret Woodruff — has a clever, fun theme: It’s titled “It Takes Two,” because the seven long “themed” answers are names or phrases are words that are preceded (and given as a single word as the clue) by a word said twice: So the clue “*Extra” — as in “Extra, extra” — leads to READALLABOUT IT; similarly, (Bad, Bad) LEROYBROWN; (Liar, liar) PANTSONFIRE; (Hail, hail) THEGANGSALLHERE; (Ladybird, ladybird) FLYAWAYHOME; (Wait Wait) DONTTELLME; and (Hush, Hush) SWEETCHARLOTTE.

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