Sudan expects to receive 48 thousand tons of US wheat aid



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Sudan is scheduled to receive on Tuesday a first batch of 48,000 tons of wheat aid provided by the United States, totaling 300,000 tons, the Sudanese News Agency “SUNA” reported.

Sudanese officials said, “The wheat will be added to the 400,000 tons already harvested locally and another 300,000 tons expected from Sudanese producers.”

And the Sudanese authorities announced earlier that “the United States will provide Sudan with 300,000 tons of wheat this year, increasing to 420,000 tons annually from 2022 to 2024.”

It is worth noting that Washington announced last October the removal of Sudan from the list of state sponsors of terrorism, 27 years after Sudan was listed under it. These sanctions restricted Khartoum’s economic ties, deprived it of necessary financial aid, and impeded transactions in hard currency (dollars). For Sudanese companies, it has made importing some goods a complex matter.

Source: “Reuters”

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