Sudan: We may resort to the Security Council in the issue of the Renaissance Dam

The head of the Sudanese Transitional Sovereignty Council, Abdel Fattah Al-Burhan, confirmed that his country could resort to the Security Council or to international arbitration in the issue of the Ethiopian Renaissance Dam, explaining that all past negotiations on the dam had not reached results, the latest of which was this week in the Congolese capital, Kinshasa.

Al-Burhan explained that the Renaissance Dam negotiations took a long time and “did not reach any results,” indicating that Khartoum believed that African solutions were the best for the crisis, but “it became clear to us that African mediation needs support, and we made an offer with the mediation of the European Union and America.”

He also pointed out that «certainly it is possible to resort to the Security Council in the crisis of the Renaissance Dam, and resort to international arbitration».

In a related context, Al-Burhan emphasized that there is a good understanding with Egypt regarding the “Halayeb city issue”, against the background of Khartoum’s demand on more than one occasion that the border city between the two countries be considered affiliated with Sudan, in return for Egypt’s adherence to that city’s dependence on it.

Al-Burhan said, “We have military cooperation that has not been interrupted with Egypt, and the Halayeb issue. We have a good understanding about it with Cairo, and we do not want it to be a thorn in the side of relations with it.”

For his part, Sudanese Minister of Resources and Irrigation, Yasser Abbas, criticized Ethiopia’s position on the Renaissance Dam negotiations.

He said during his statements today, “Our country will protect its interests and the safety of its citizens with all possible options in accordance with international law against any unilateral action regarding the Renaissance Dam.”

He continued, “Ethiopia, by rejecting the quartet mediation, is working to buy time and start the second filling of the Renaissance Dam without an agreement.”

The Sudanese Minister of Irrigation stated that the quadripartite mediation means converging views and strengthening the political will to reach an agreement regarding filling and operating the Renaissance Dam.
The Sudanese Minister of Irrigation warned that the mediators in the Renaissance Dam issue could not replace the negotiators, as Ethiopia claims.

In the latest developments regarding the Renaissance Dam negotiations, the foreign and irrigation ministers of the three countries met in the Congolese capital, “Kinshasa”, on April 4 and 5, while a round did not achieve progress and did not lead to an agreement on relaunching the negotiations.

Ethiopia insists on the second filling of the reservoir of the Renaissance Dam next July, while Egypt and Sudan reject any unilateral action regarding the dam without reaching an agreement.

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