Supermarket will sell food from the basic food basket at wholesale price – 09/15/2021 -Panel SA

Amid high inflation, Extra Hiper begins this week to sell products from the basic basket at wholesale price, even if the customer only takes one unit. At the beginning of the year, the network launched a promotion to favor the payment of food in installments on the card.

Rice, beans, soy oil and milk, cleaning and personal care products are on the list of almost 30 goods that enter the new wholesale pricing. The company says that the perception of savings is 15% in the value of the items.

According to Extra Hiper, the change was based on a survey of consumers. The objective is to monitor the needs and ensure the purchasing power of customers, since many are unable to buy or do not need the products in large quantities.

In order to access the wholesale price, the consumer needs to enter the network’s loyalty program and activate the discounts in the app.

In March 2021, in view of the already advancing inflation, Extra Hiper launched a campaign to split food items on the card, an action that used to be done only in periods like Christmas and Easter, for seasonal products, with higher value.

with Mariana Grazini e Andressa Motter

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