Supporters of Pashinyan and Kocharyan in Armenia actually declared war on each other

BAKU, Azerbaijan, May 15Trend: Today, there is a very difficult political situation in Armenia. The warring parties, which stand behind Pashinyan and former Armenian President Robert Kocharian, have actually declared war on each other.

Doctor of Historical Sciences, Professor of the Department of International Relations in the Post-Soviet Space of St. Petersburg State University Niyazi Niyazov told Trend on Friday.

“This war is still going on not in the squares and streets of Yerevan and other cities of Armenia, but primarily in social networks. Moreover, it is obvious and noticeable that this war is actually not for life, but for death,” Niyazov said.

In his words, today no one undertakes to predict what the real situation will be in Armenia after the elections. But many observers, including Armenian experts, agree that it will not be possible to avoid a serious political confrontation after the elections, the expert noted.

“The elections themselves will most likely be held more or less honestly. But at the same time, their result, no matter how honest, will be challenged either by Pashinyan’s supporters or Kocharyan’s supporters. All of them will claim that it was their political power that won the victory. Therefore, most likely, a dramatic situation in Armenia is inevitable, “Niyazov said.

He also noted that people in Armenia understand that if Kocharian comes to power, they will have to live in the very conditions in which they have actually lived since the end of the first Karabakh war. And this will lead to the fact that their lives in the foreseeable future will not improve, but will worsen.

According to Niyazov, for Armenia to develop, it needs to recognize the existing realities, normalize relations with Turkey, Azerbaijan, Georgia and Iran.

“Armenia itself needs to achieve unblocking of all communications mentioned in the trilateral statement, open all transport corridors, including the Zangezur one. Otherwise, Armenia will never get out of the economic and geo-economic deadlock,” the expert noted.

(Author: Jani Babayeva. Editor: Konstantin Shapiro)

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