suspected of having killed his father, a teenager who was indicted and remanded in custody

This drama, which took place in a very complex family context, occurred in Ploeren on the night of Saturday 5 to Sunday 6 June.

On the evening of Monday, June 7, a 17-year-old young man was indicted by an examining magistrate from Lorient for “intentional homicide on a legitimate or natural ascendant” and “dissemination of images relating to the commission of an offense of willful attack on the integrity of the person, knowingly recorded by any means and on any medium whatsoever ”, indicated the prosecutor of Lorient to the Figaro. The teenager was then placed in pre-trial detention, in accordance with the requisitions of the public prosecutor.

These measures come two days after the tragedy that took place in Ploeren (Morbihan), whose newspaper West France had initially echoed. A forty-something was fatally stabbed the night of Saturday June 5 to Sunday June 6 at his home. The main suspect is none other than his own son, who was arrested and taken into custody after the fact.

Before relinquishing the case in favor of the prosecutor of Lorient, criminal pole, for the purposes of opening a judicial investigation, the prosecutor of Vannes evoked a “Extremely serious and sensitive matter”. It would indeed seem that this drama was played out in a very complicated family context. According to the magistrate, the mother had filed a complaint in May 2021 for “domestic violence” and had left the home with her children.

Crime scene video released

While in police custody, the 17-year-old son “Explained that he wanted to put an end to his father’s aggressive and violent behavior against a background of alcoholism and the suffering that this behavior caused for his family”, said the prosecutor in a statement.

On the evening of Saturday, June 5, the respondent drank alcohol during a party, then went to his father’s where he grabbed two knives in the kitchen. “He woke up his father, who was sleeping in his room, before stabbing him”, said the magistrate.

It was the young man himself who called the gendarmerie after the fact. Investigators quickly realized that the teenager had otherwise “Broadcast a video of the crime scene on social networks to forty recipients”. A psychological support unit has been opened for these recipients.

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