Sverdlovsk livestock breeders named the reason for the rise in milk prices

In the Sverdlovsk region, milk prices have gone up. This is confirmed by the calculations of Rosstat. Meanwhile, livestock breeders are confident that this process will be able to slow down.

So, according to the regional department of information policy, compared to last year, the cost of milk production increased by 18 percent. And one of the reasons for this is the lack of forage, which led to the extreme dry summer.

“The yield of fodder has decreased by at least 20 percent, the price for fodder on the market has risen by 35 percent,” says Ilya Bondarev, board member of the Union of Stock Breeders of the Urals.

These costs, of course, are still included by producers in the cost of production, since the procurement of food for the cows continues. And to stop the rise in milk prices, according to experts, will allow regional and state support, which can count on farmers, whose fields have suffered from drought.

Recall that in July in the Sverdlovsk region, an emergency regime was announced due to unfavorable weather for farmers. The heads of municipalities and heads of more than two hundred agricultural enterprises addressed the authorities. At that time, they estimated the total amount of damage at 4.7 billion rubles.


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