Sylvinho minimizes individual failures and says Corinthians “deserved better results”

Cássio and João Pedro committed individual mistakes that culminated in Ceará’s goals this Thursday night, at Castelão. Corinthians, for that very reason, suffered another defeat as a visitor, but Sylvinho avoided pointing out the players and assessed the final result as unfair.

“If a group wins, a group is lost. Obviously there is no individual weight. It makes the locker room sad, even more for what we produced, for what we delivered, we chased the result the entire game, we produced good substitutions, which boosted the team in the second half. Unfortunately, when we got the tie, he ended up taking the second goal quickly. It’s part, it’s part of the championship, which is difficult. Sad for the result, but a performance we seek and we deserve a better result all the time.”

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During the press conference, the coach was asked if Cassio’s title is untouchable. The shirt 12 has been making mistakes at crucial moments in this Brazilian Championship.

“It’s a continuation of the previous question. Football is made up of hits and misses. We work with a group and we will remain firm. The athlete is liable to make a mistake, as we are many times. Today, we were quite assertive in some substitutions, others not so much. It’s part of it. We all hit it, miss it, it’s a complex, team sport. Sad for the result, but soon we’ve got an important game at home, in which we’re fighting for a direct spot,” said the coach.

See other excerpts from Sylvinho’s press conference:

Fagner Replacement
“Fagner asked to leave. The athlete looked at the bench, made a sign that he was absolutely dead and asked for a replacement. get into the rhythm and in some situations, the circumstances of the game lead you to make important decisions and you’re not at the same level as the athletes who are playing, but, it’s part of it, he asked for a replacement.”

team building period
“No. When I say construction and, please, I’ve always said that and I’ll keep talking, construction in football needs some time. Happy to be here, six months, to see the team fighting directly for a vacancy of Libertadores, a scenario that, five months ago, no one believed it. We are working, athletes who come from different backgrounds, are readapting, the four (reinforcements) played very little together, we ended the first round in sixth, practically, with the team that started the championship. first round, we were sixth, with a team that did a lot. With all this, young people who are coming from base, like Du, like GP, like Roni, I’m happy to receive, came from serious injury, anyway, I’m stretching to talk from the group, owned by João Victor, more experienced athletes are adapting and we have a group of athletes who have already won a lot. you ê has pre-season, adapted players and you start from zero. I want to believe that, then yes, we started talking about a group that has already been transformed, built and will have small details to be made during the season.”

Weight of failures and inattention outside the home
“Football is a team sport, quite complex, most of the goals, even though we have quality on the field, a qualified championship, many of the goals are due to failure. When you stop to analyze, there is always someone out of position, it always happens something, and obviously it empowers those who finish well and score the goal. But, it always part of that. Obviously we don’t like it, we corrected it, but it’s a whole. Football is like that, if you win like that, if you lose like that, we’ve already won in the last few minutes , we’ve already conceded goals in the last few minutes, we’ve already scored where they were wrong and we’ve conceded where we were wrong. It’s a group, not an individual, and we have to work that way.”

untouchable cassio
“It’s a continuation of the previous question. Football is made up of hits and misses. We work with a group and we will remain firm. The athlete is liable to make a mistake, as we are many times. Today, we were quite assertive in some substitutions, others not so much. It’s part of it. We all hit it, miss it, it’s a complex, team sport. Sad for the result, but soon we have an important game at home, in which we’re fighting for a direct spot. It was all the work of locker room and ours that brought us here, in the last rounds we sought a place for Libertadores, an external scenario that was different at the beginning. When you do general numbers, I think that sixth best host and fifth best visitor are not bad numbers for a job six months and where we came from. It’s a group and we work as a group.”

Cast Willian’s Cast and Condition
“The word save, I don’t quite agree with. We leverage the team and the athletes, the championship is tough, long trips, it causes great wear and tear, so that those who are recovered, in condition, we have put on the field, because we want our points, we work on the performance of these athletes. But the word save, no. We started with the best we had at that time, obviously, managing these circumstances.”

Lack of experienced goalkeeper on the bench
“On the personal side, I go in. Cássio, like other athletes, is an athlete used to the club, used to pressure, criticism, great praise, he is part of it. The more experienced ones deal with this in a calm way. We are a group, we trust in the group, in what is being done, we understand that the work has positive numbers. There are three games to go, we have a big desire, we see ourselves fighting for a spot, inch by inch, in other words, the scenario could be very different in what they painted. Will it be easy? No. Is it guaranteed? No. But, during this period, we achieved the condition to play in these three games trying to get a spot.”

Lineup and Luan
“Willian is an athlete who is little by little returning to training and games. He was not yet in game condition (as a starter). We are evaluating every game, we are leaving for a series of trips and games every three, four days , and Willian came back at the end. With the beginning of the game not signaled, the athlete himself, we spoke with them. We will evaluate the next few days to find out what conditions he is in to know whether or not there is a condition to start a game. in the game it’s one thing, starting is different. We’ll listen to the departments and, of course, the athletes.”

“Regarding Renato, he’s an athlete who has been playing 13 or 14 games in a row, he showed great fatigue after the game against Santos, the recovery was not complete, the athlete signaled a situation of fatigue, which he was unable to cope with. starting the game. He came, he was with us, he helped us in 30 minutes”.

“Luan is an athlete who has been training well, he was waiting for an opportunity, a chance and the moment was for Luan. I don’t understand a question of taking advantage or not. He is an athlete who is, who participated and, in Renato’s absence, we understand that it was time for Luan to play”.

goals conceded at the beginning
“It depends on the word it becomes a little… Not undermining. Undermining at all. We are here to work. Then it depends. We scored goals early in the game, in the end of the game, we conceded in the end of the game. There’s an opponent on the other side. The number, we can’t analyze it out of context. You have to take every game, that’s why I said that we are, as far as I remember, the sixth best host, fifth best visitor, that’s a number The numbers for 35 rounds are these, it’s a number that allows you to play for a spot directly against Libertadores. It’s not good to score a goal either at the beginning or at the end. What harms you is having a higher expense. the team’s performance a little? I don’t know if it harms, but you have to speed up the game more, you spend much more energy, calories, because your opponent is posted, you have to speed up moves, there is a very high expense. That’s what happened today. We spent 80 minutes wasting a lot of energy. and we wanted to, but the performance was for something better, although the condition is for G4 and fight until the end”.

19 games without winning the 1Q
“I believe, following the question, you can’t take things out of context. If in the other 19 games we had a number of important victories, then the team responds well, the substitutions were well made and the team has a physical and emotional condition good, because he managed to score goals in the second half. It depends. There is no closed concept in football regarding things, numbers, that are taken out of context. It is not good to score at any time, not at the beginning or at the end. also, when it comes to goal, come on, now I bring it to my side. We are the third or fourth best defense in the championship, maybe fifth, they are also numbers that are not bad. So let’s analyze it more calmly, understand numbers whole, with more peace of mind and being able to delve a little deeper into the numbers”.

6-month work self-criticism
“I don’t have it, I spoke at a previous press conference, I have no intention of evaluating my work, and it’s not over, three games to go, we’re on the way, but it’s going to be sweaty, it’s going to be at the end, the championship is tough, last year a title was played in the last few minutes, and so it will be this year, again, we are preparing a group for this. I defend myself in this aspect, that it is a decent job, a good job, a job where the locker room is understanding, has given its interviews and are absolutely clear when they talk about the work of the technical committee, and it’s not just mine, no, about which they can also say that our environment is good, pleasant, and we have the result of being fighting for a spot at Libertadores. What I know is that it’s a decent, honest, sweaty job, a job where we took and those numbers weren’t, the objective wasn’t that, I’m tired of saying that, so I want to understand that these numbers are in agreement. I don’t have to play further, I prefer myself focus on the remaining three games.”

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