Syrian exodus to Lebanon: that bleeding wound!

What happened yesterday in Lebanon, on the “day of pledging allegiance to Syrian President Bashar al-Assad”, once again raises the issue of the massive Syrian presence on various Lebanese lands and the reason that still prevents the overwhelming majority of them from returning to the Syrian areas that have become safe, after it became clear that most of those in Lebanon And according to their preferences as a result of the polls, they prefer the survival of the current system, which means that these people can return to the areas under the control of the regime without hesitation, taking into account how to secure this return with dignity and without logistical obstacles, which would positively reflect on Lebanon. And Syria together.
The problems that occurred between the Syrians who were heading to the headquarters of the Syrian embassy in Yarze to cast their votes, while uploading pictures of President Assad, and between a number of Lebanese who were provoked by this scene raises more than a question mark about the future of the relationship between the displaced Syrians and a portion of the Lebanese, especially that The displaced are concentrated in all Lebanese regions.

Security sources were apprehensive about what happened on Thursday, and did not rule out that developments would escalate and go further to the chain of action and reactions, while emphasizing the readiness of security forces in various regions, where sensitivities, old and new, prevail to prevent fishing in troubled waters. And blocking the road to attempts to stir up strife, especially since the terrorist sleeper cells are always ready and waiting for opportunities to seize them in order to achieve their goals, which are no longer hidden to anyone.

The day before yesterday, the Lebanese were divided, as every time, about how to deal with the Syrian displacement file in Lebanon, after it became clear through the problems that occurred in other areas that there is a deep divergence in the vision between the Lebanese about many things, including the Syrian displacement file, which has dominated There is a wide debate at the official, party and popular levels, without reaching what relieves the burden on the displaced first, and what provides Lebanon with economic, social, security and demographic comfort, second.

If the Lebanese had agreed from the first day of the outbreak of the war in Syria and the beginning of the influx of displaced Syrians to Lebanon in abundance and without supervision or organization, the situation would not have reached the way it is today, and the presence of the displaced in Lebanon, as they are in Turkey or in Jordan, would be organized and unregulated. It is intertwined with the Lebanese element in the way it is today, and since what happened yesterday, the first of friction, it was not appropriate, neither in time nor place.

The Lebanese, to which political group he belongs, wants the displaced Syrians to return to their country with strength and honor, not to remain living in tents awaiting monthly aid from the United Nations and the fate of the nations and their interests is unclear, provided that the greater fear remains that settlements will be established to keep the displaced. Where they are, and this is what Walid Jumblatt alluded to in his last interview with the “Time Has Come” program. And here is the great catastrophe. And it will remain a wound for generations.

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