Syrian Telecom confirms solving a technical error in “Syriatel” that led to the deduction of fees for free calls


The “Communication and Postal Regulatory Authority” in Syria announced the solution to a technical problem in “Syriatel”, one of the two cellular companies in the country, and the return of the wrongly deducted balances to customers.

The authority, which is affiliated with the Ministry of Communications, said that “it has begun to return the balances to customers who were billed as a result of the malfunction on some emergency numbers” after solving the technical problem.

The authority confirmed that it, and the telecommunications companies, guarantee the rights and services of subscribers.

The company “Syriatel” also announced the solution to the problem, and said that it had begun to compensate those affected.

It is noteworthy that some users had published posts in which they said that the company had deducted from their balance in exchange for calls that were originally provided free of charge, such as emergency numbers.

Source: RT

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