Taha Bouhafs judged this Wednesday for insulting Linda Kebbab

The hearing takes place at 1:30 p.m. in front of the Paris Criminal Court.

Militant journalist Taha Bouhafs – who called police officer Linda Kebbab “service arab“In a message posted on the social network Twitter in June 2020 – is judged Wednesday June 9 for”public insult because of the origin“. The hearing takes place at 1:30 p.m. in front of the Paris Criminal Court.

«It’s really the world upside down, I would be (sic) tomorrow on the dock facing Linda kebab and the licra for: anti-Arab racism“Taha Bouhafs wrote on Twitter on Tuesday, June 8. “I am accused of racism for having denounced the speech and the posture of a police unionist who denies the racism of the police and therefore makes the real victims invisible.He continues.

«Today at 2 p.m. at the TJ in Paris we will give our unwavering support to Linda Kebbab during her trial against the journalist Taha Bouhafs. I recall that the latter had (sic) treated him as an “Arab on duty”. This form of racism must not go unpunished!“, For his part tweeted Abdoulaye Kanté, a police officer very followed on social networks.

A postponed hearing

Taha Bouhafs was initially to be tried on April 7 but an imbroglio around his address had led the court to note the irregularity of his summons, it not having been made on time. The journalist could still have agreed to appear “voluntarilyBut he hadn’t. This had therefore led the prosecution to summon him again, for this Wednesday, June 9.

«It’s easier to make offensive tweets than to explain it to the courts», Reacted Me Thibault de Montbrial, lawyer Linda Kebbab, after the hearing of April 7. “I was hoping he was a little brave. I see once again that it is not ”, for her part lamented Linda Kebbab.

The Adama Traoré case as a backdrop

The facts relating to this case date back to Wednesday, June 3, 2020. That day, the day after a prohibited demonstration of 20,000 people denouncing “police violence” organized in Paris at the initiative of relatives of Adama Traoré, Linda Kebbab is invited to France Info.

The national delegate of the SGP-FO unit police union then accuses Assa Traoré, Adama Traoré’s sister of “grabOf George Floyd’s death in the United States to promote his own interests. As a reminder, Adama Traoré is a young man who died in 2016 after an arrest by the gendarmes in controversial conditions. “The root of the problem is this affair, with this young girl, Adama Traoré’s sister, whose anger and suffering I understand at having lost her brother, who takes up an American affair that has absolutely nothing to do, neither in its history, neither in its substance, nor in its technicalityLinda Kebbab said.

In a message posted the same day on Twitter, Taha Bouhafs commented on the media intervention of Linda Kebbab, describing the policewoman as “ADS: Service ArabicBefore deleting his tweet. In the aftermath, Linda Kebbab had filed a complaint for public insult of a racist nature. «Racist and not courageous, he blocked me. Enough of his incitement to hatred, his lies and manipulations. I MAKE A COMPLAINT“, She wrote at the time on Twitter.


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