Teenager is shot inside his house and dies during an operation in a favela in the north of Rio – 18/06/2021 – Daily life

A 16-year-old teenager, Thiago da Conceição, died this Friday (18th) after being shot inside his house in Morro da Fé, in Complexo da Penha, north of Rio de Janeiro. The young man’s family claims that the shot came from civil police, who in the morning carried out an operation against drug trafficking in the region.

In an interview with journalists, the operational undersecretary of the Civil Police, Rodrigo Oliveira, denied the information. He said he was sure the location where the teenager was shot was free of state security forces.

“Police noticed a disturbance from a distance. When they went to the scene to try to identify what was happening, they obtained information that a teenager had been shot and rescued by their own means. It was the community itself that took him to the hospital,” he said.

Thiago was taken to the Getúlio Vargas hospital, but he didn’t resist. According to reports from family members to the Ombudsman of the Public Defender of Rio de Janeiro, there was no exchange of fire and the teenager was hit by a single shot, coming from afar. The institution is legally assisting the young man’s family.

During the morning, after reading alerts on social networks about the operation, Thiago gave up on leaving home to work. Still, he ended up shot inside his own residence.

The teenager’s uncle, Giovani Gilson, told O Globo newspaper that the shot came from the Civil Police – according to him, the only security force in the region at that time.

A survey by the Fogo Cruzado data laboratory records that Thiago was the 20th teenager shot in the metropolitan region of Rio de Janeiro in 2021. In addition to him, six others died.

Residents and family members held a protest in Penha on Friday afternoon (18) asking for justice after the youth’s death. “There goes another dream interrupted by the State’s error”, read one of the posters.

The operation this Friday took place despite the determination of the STF (Supreme Federal Court) which last year restricted police actions in the communities of the state while the new coronavirus pandemic lasts.

Seeking to comply with arrest warrants against drug trafficking leaders from other states who have settled in the Vila Cruzeiro community, operation “Coalizão pelo Bem” interrupted the vaccination against Covid-19 at a family clinic in the region. Another municipal health center also had its services suspended.

In a statement, the Temporary Thematic Group on Public Security and External Control of Police Activity of the Public Ministry of Rio de Janeiro informed that the institutional duty received communications about alleged violations of rights during the operation this Friday.

Among them is Thiago’s death and the violation of a resident’s home. “A factual report was filed and a preliminary report was prepared, which will be forwarded to the Criminal Investigation Prosecutor’s Office with attribution for analysis”, says the text.

Sought, the Civil Police did not respond to the contact of the leaf until the publication of this report.


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