Ten days after announcing secretary against Covid, Health backs nomination

The Ministry of Health reported that infectious disease doctor Luana Araújo, announced for the position of extraordinary secretary of Coping with Covid-19, will not perform the function.

The portfolio also said that it is looking for another name with a similar professional profile, one that is technical and based on scientific evidence.

“The portfolio thanks the professional for the services provided and wishes success on her path,” he said in a note.

The Ministry of Health had announced on May 12 the name of the infectious disease physician as the new head of a secretariat created to face the disease.

According to the Minister of Health, Marcelo Queiroga, the new area should concentrate actions to control the epidemic in the country, such as the elaboration of protocols and the vaccination campaign.

Graduated in medicine from UFRJ (Federal University of Rio de Janeiro), Araújo has a residency in infectology from the same institution and has a post-graduate degree in epidemiology from John Hopkins University.

When it was announced, in its speech it paid solidarity to relatives of victims of Covid and said that it intended to take actions based on scientific evidence.

“My experience today is to work with the preparation and response of health systems around the world in relation to pandemics, and that is what brought me to this position today,” he said.


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