TEST: It took five minutes and I was hooked again – Spider-Man: Miles Morales

It wasn’t long ago that I tested Spider-Man: Remastered for PC. I gave the entertaining game 9 out of 10.


I was therefore not quite sure if I should take on the reviewer job: I just felt fed up with Spider-Man. It didn’t help that not long ago I once again sought out Miles Morales on Playstation 5, which runs great with smart graphics settings such as performance ray tracing.

But, I couldn’t stay away, especially because during part of the test period I was able to test with the Asus ROG Strix RTX 4090 (read the test, this card is absolutely crazy) and, as always, the LG 46 OLED.

New in Miles Morales is upgraded RTX with glare from the sun and moon.

The fact is that it was quite a fun experience: it turned out that I still hadn’t had enough.

Gameplay and story

Why connect these two in the same paragraph? Because it is connected.

As in Spider-Man, one is offered an open world with few loading elements. I suspect that the interludes, like starting the Christmas music and generally hanging out with friends, also serve as loading for what’s to come.

It’s cleverly solved, and it’s prettier than ever.

I’ve always been impressed by how they manage to draw such a detailed and large city at the same time that you quickly pass the skyscrapers and can see what’s going on at street level and even visit shops. This feeling of technological superpowers is still present in Miles Morales on PC with everything at max and 130 FPS in great 4K and ray tracing. I can promise that.

Miles Morales has a few extra cool tricks that Spider-Man doesn’t have that will help in the fight against enemies with sci-fi weapons, but beyond that the basic gameplay from Spider-Man 2018 is retained.

If you follow the story part and the side quests, you will also fight indoors, often with stealth as the first priority, but not a requirement.

This too is offered with successful game design that is neither annoying nor too kind. Okay then, maybe a little too kind when you understand a couple of simple tricks, but let’s go, it’s fun when the enemy doesn’t see you. You cannot shine light on all enemies in the same way, as in God of War Ragnarok and its predecessor, one must observe a couple of reasons for this, and tactically consider how to solve the problem.

It’s precisely the technology that makes the gameplay possible, and that hasn’t changed – I think that’s a good thing, because it still works very well to swing around the city looking to unravel the story, or to embark on side missions. It feels good to help the townspeople.

The story and the friends in the game give the warm good Christmas atmosphere that is perfect right now.

Graphics and performance

It makes sense to go from story to graphics, because these sequences in particular are impressive with close to CGI-realistic graphics that surpass Uncharted 4 on PC and which are probably the most beautiful game graphics Sony can offer as of winter 2022.

Like almost all of Sony’s exclusive AAA games for consoles and now also PC, the focus is on good scripts and actors who carry their roles well. This is also the case in Miles Morales, even if some of the personalities are a bit troublesome.

Miles Morales offers a slightly more detailed world, and even the incredible bridge sequence that always blows me away runs smoothly and without any sign of stuttering or FPS drops. It’s an impressive and advanced scene to pull off, but they pull it off on PC as well as the Playstation 5 version with superior aplomb.

As usual, a number of settings are offered, even before starting the game if desired. These are my preferred ones with the RTX 3080 10GB and a Ryzen 5600x CPU.

Miles’ superpowers are sparkling entertainment.


Nixxes has done a brilliant job with Spider-Man Miles Morales for PC. It is no surprise that both the 3080 and 4090 run the game more than well enough, but with the RTX 4090 you can combine great RTX effects with sky-high FPS over 120. With the 3080, I prefer to turn off all ray tracing, and rather increase the other. Note that the game is CPU-intensive and that it will therefore be a bit excessive to combine everything with a two-year-old mid-range CPU.

You don’t want to leave New York, and the reasons are in this order: the gameplay, the characters and the graphics.

The gameplay will not surprise anyone who has played Spider-Man, but there are still enough combinations and ways to defeat the enemy, that you will come back time and time again to perfect the combinations. One can always tackle enemies even more effectively and in an even more cinematically cool way.

Combine this with warm characters, some humor and drama and actually pure Christmas joy, and you have hours of good entertainment that will delight the whole family.

TEST: It took five minutes and I was hooked again – Spider-Man: Miles Morales

We conclude

Nixxes stands for yet another great PC version of a well-known Playstation 4 and 5 game that shines on the most powerful hardware you can get. Driving good gameplay and catchy script ensure constant fun.

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Smart and well thought out gameplay and fighting

Even better graphics

Miles’ superpowers are fun to use

Driving story and warm characters

Essentially more of the same as in 2018’s Spider-Man

Some of the personalities are annoying

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