Texas Gov. insists power grid problems are resolved. Experts say otherwise

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott (R) on Tuesday declared the state’s latest reforms “fix all of the flaws” associated with the electric grid following its catastrophic failure during the winter storm back in February. However, experts argue otherwise.

According to The Washington Post, Abbott was joined by fellow Republican lawmakers as he signed two sweeping bills into law in response to the devastating winter storm, which left more than 4 million Texans without power in freezing temperatures. While Abbott boasted about delivering reforms on behalf of the state’s residents, there were even Republican lawmakers who admitted that their work is far from over.

“The legislature passed comprehensive reforms to fix all of the flaws that led to the power failure,” Abbott said. He went on to add, “Bottom line is that everything that needed to be done was done to fix the power grid in Texas.”

Energy experts have also made it clear that they disagree with Abbott. Many argue that “although lawmakers made significant changes that include mandates to “‘weatherize’ power plants for extreme temperatures and new processes to avert communication failures, the reforms do not go far enough to assure a similar catastrophe won’t happen again in one of America’s most booming states.”

The publication also notes the criticisms that the state is now being criticized for “leaving enforcement and key decisions over which parts of the state’s oil and gas industry must now weatherize — and which don’t — to regulators who have long been accused of being too lax with operators.”

Lawmakers’ reforms also failed to include compensation for Texas residents who suffered during the bitter cold, some of whom incurred major expenses as a result of the winter storms. Doug Lewin, an Austin, Texas energy consultant, weighed in on the fluctuating cost of monthly energy costs.

Lewin said, “If I tell you, ‘Here’s a car for $20,000 but you can spread the payments over six years,’ that’s not the same as the car dealer saying I’ll take $3,000 off the cost.”

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