the 75% gauge officially lifted for nightclubs

The discotheque sector is the only one to have been forced, for more than a year, to close without interruption.

All nightclubs will no longer have to limit their clientele to three quarters of their capacity, a measure in force since the summer against the Covid-19 but in fact already repealed in most of the country, announced Thursday the government.

A decree published in the Official Journal deleted a previous provision, taken in June, which imposed a gauge of 75% on a category of establishments including discotheques and concert halls welcoming the public standing. At the time, this measure accompanied the long-awaited reopening of these establishments.

The discotheque sector was particularly affected by the health crisis because it was the only one to have been forced, for more than a year, to close without interruption, in contrast to restaurants in particular.

The limitation to 75% therefore appeared to be a lesser evil for the sector. But, anyway, it then largely became obsolete: the vast majority of departments have removed it at the local level.

The Ministry of Culture told AFP that this gauge was no longer mandatory in “80%“From the departments at the beginning of November, evoking a”clarification”With the measure announced this Thursday, while the epidemic is in the recovery phase.


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