The Amur’s assistant captain may face up to five years in prison

The punishment under the article on mismanagement of the ship, which resulted in the death of three people, on suspicion of which the third mate of the Russian trawler Amur was arrested on Monday, provides for up to five years in prison or a fine of up to 1 million yen (about 10 thousand dollars at the current rate). About this on Tuesday corr. TASS was told at the Russian Consulate General in Sapporo.

“The article may face up to five years in prison or a fine of up to one million yen,” the Russian diplomatic mission said. The consulate general also said that on Tuesday the arrested Pavel Dobriansky was taken to the prosecutor’s office of the city of Asahikawa.

The Mombetsu Coast Guard on Monday arrested a Russian sailor who was on watch during a collision with a Japanese schooner. The TASS department confirmed this information, adding that the arrest of 38-year-old Pavel Dobriansky was made at 09:46 local time (03:46 Moscow time). The Japanese prosecutor’s office has 72 hours from the date of arrest to file formal charges. On Tuesday, a lawyer hired by the ship owner is due to arrive at Dobriansky.

On June 2, the district court in the northern city of Asahikawa ordered the arrest of the Amur to provide guarantees for a bond in connection with a claim for damages. The Japanese authorities seized the documents from the crew, which are necessary for the continuation of the voyage.

The incident occurred on May 26, 23 km off the coast of Hokkaido. As a result of the collision, three out of five fishermen on board the Japanese fishing schooner Hokko-maru-8 were killed. Two survivors were taken ashore, no threat to their lives. Amur belongs to the Sakhalin fishing company Amurskoye, registered in Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk.


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