The authorities announced a “record reduction in poverty” of Russians: it turned out to be a mathematical incident

One area of ​​Moscow less

If a person receives 11 thousand 652 rubles a month, then he is considered poor. And if two rubles a month more, then he is no longer poor. Great, huh? But these are obvious rules of statistics, since for this year the cost of living is 11,653 rubles. Statistics told us that in Russia there has been a decrease in the number of the poor. And so that we feel our happiness to the end, the heralds (the main channels of the country) trumpeted: poverty has dropped to a minimum since 2014!

In 2014, there were 16.3 million poor, in 2015 it sharply increased to 19.6 million.

And since then, every year it was possible to report: poverty has dropped to a minimum since 2014. And in the 16th year it fell to a minimum, and the 17th, and in the 18th, and in the 19th, and now in the 20th. It really fell to its lowest level since 2014. It fell straight this time – to 17.8 million. That is, no one is lying. Just look at the numbers again: compared to 2014, the country’s poor are still one and a half million more. And so it fell, of course.

As the press secretary of Peskov assures us, the dollar does not affect our life: we have everything here in rubles. Why, then, did the poverty rate jump in 2015? As much as 3.3 million citizens? It’s just that at the beginning of 2014, the dollar cost 32 rubles, and in December it became already under 60. And, by the way, in order not to get tired of the numbers, just believe (and if you want to do it yourself), now the cost of living in Russia is about $ 20 less than was in 2014. Do you see the connection between the dollar exchange rate and our life? But we are told that she is not.

So what is the reality with the record decline in poverty? Rejoice and have fun, they tell us from the screen: the poor are now 17.8 million, which is 12.1% of the population, and in 2019 it was 12.3%.

Let’s rejoice in absolute numbers: for three hundred thousand of our fellow citizens they began to receive more than the subsistence minimum (even if it is more than a ruble, they are no longer poor). Three hundred thousand is the population of the Chertanovo region (Central, North and South). Well, or the population of Butovo (North and South). One can feel the greatness of the accomplishment on the scale of the country.

It’s even more interesting further. At the end of January-September 2020, there were 19.6 million Russians living on incomes below the subsistence level. Just like in 2015. But then the rolling payments began. Mainly for families with children. Do you remember that Vladimir Putin announced a New Year’s “gift” to families – a one-time payment of five thousand rubles for each child under the age of seven? According to Rosstat, total payments to families with children in the fourth quarter amounted to 110.5 billion rubles. And the statistics have improved. By the way, dividends to Gazprom shareholders for 2020 will amount to RUB 297.1 billion.

And also, if you remember, the president in 2018 set a national goal: to halve the poverty rate by 2024. Then, however, it did not work out and the deadline was pushed back to 2030.

These are the two troubles of Russia – expectation and reality.

Published in the newspaper “Moskovsky Komsomolets” No. 28520 dated April 16, 2021

Newspaper headline:
Fabulous poverty reduction


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