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A new indicator for assessing the well-being of citizens may appear in Russia – the “poverty line”. The Ministry of Labor is considering the introduction of such a tool, two sources close to the department told Izvestia. It is assumed to be influenced by inflation. And to calculate, in particular, according to the formula: “multiplying the subsistence minimum (WL) for the IV quarter of 2020 (” anchor indicator “) by the consumer price index for the required period.”

At the same time, as the Izvestia sources clarified, the indicator will be used only to assess the level of need of citizens. And the criterion for the provision of state social support measures will still remain the cost of living.

According to experts, the new indicator will allow better monitoring of the achievement of the national poverty reduction goal, as well as timely assess the financial situation of citizens and provide proactive support measures.

According to the latest data from Rosstat, for the six months of this year, the poverty level in Russia was 13.1% – this is 19.1 million people. According to the current methodology, citizens are considered poor if their income is below the subsistence level – 11,653 rubles.

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Thin Border: Authorities May Introduce New Indicator To Measure Poverty

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