The best fishing spots in the Moscow region: going to the Oka and Sestra

In terms of the number of tourists on the beaches of the Moscow region, the capital region can now be compared with Gelendzhik, and in terms of the number of fishermen – with Astrakhan. In a word, everyone has their own reasons to reach for the water, but if the official beaches open for swimming have long been indicated and presented on all tourist resources by a list, then you still have to look for good places for fishing. In such heat, it does not bite everywhere. “MK” has compiled its rating of places attractive for get-togethers with a fishing rod. We present it to your attention.


What fish bite: walleye, pike, bream, perch, roach, brood

Experienced fishermen say that the best fishing spot on the Istra reservoir is the shore in the village of Lechishchevo. From Istra you can get there by bus 32. Some anglers boast that their daily catch in these places has reached 20 kilograms. True, to achieve such a record, you need to choose the right baits and bait. And most importantly, throw the rod as early as possible. Best at 4 o’clock in the morning.


What fish bite: perch, roach, pike and bream.

It is best to get comfortable in the area of ​​the village of Chiverevo or near the village of Povedniki. Bus number 438 runs to this village from the Medvedkovo metro station, and bus number 273 will take you to the village – but from the Altufevo metro station. The Pirogovskoye reservoir is one of the largest in the region, but there are not as many fish in it as in the Istra.


What fish bite: bream, ide, roach, bleak, perch.

For bleak it is better to go to the area of ​​Zarechnaya Sloboda, and for perch – to the villages of Myshkino and Babynino. The easiest way to get here is by personal transport. The banks here are quite gentle, it bites well both at early dawn and in the evening.


What fish bite: roach, ide, chub, bream, pike perch.

Fishermen advise choosing the outskirts of Kolomna and Kashira for fishing. But the most picturesque and cool place is near the village of Drakino, where the Oka merges with Protva. You can get here from Serpukhov by bus # 131 or by minibus # 245.


What fish bite: asp, bream, bream, roach, pike, pike perch.

The peculiarity of this reservoir is that it is located in two regions at once – Moscow and Tver regions. There are gorgeous landscapes everywhere and a good catch. But it is better to fish in the village of Ratmino in Dubna and on the island of Ukhodovo. You need to get there on your own.


What fish bite: perch, pike, bleak, chub.

This river is the most inaccessible. To get to it, you need to get to Dmitrov and then use your personal transport, and then walk another three kilometers. But the most persistent know that their efforts will be rewarded. The sister merges with the Volga, so there is a wide variety of fish.


What fish bite: roach, bream, crucian carp, perch, pike, walleye, tench

This artificial lake is famous for the abundance of roach, but there are also plenty of other fish here. Lovers are advised to fish in the village of Timonovo. Buses and trains run here. If you go by rail, you need to get off at the Podsolnechnaya station.

But in general, of course, no serious fisherman will reveal the secret of his best fishing spot if he has been looking for it for many years. Only beginners are allowed to use the ready-made map – professionals will explore and discover more and more new, more deserted places.

Although it is not so important for both amateurs and professionals to catch more roach, perch, crucian carp or pike, but to engage in the fascinating process of finding their “greedy” place. After all, its discovery is akin to winning the lottery.

“Wild fishing awakens the ancient instinct of the hunter and the prey, when experience, knowledge, skill and dexterity are rewarded with a record catch,” says Ivan Serov, a fisherman with 30 years of experience.

Published in the newspaper “Moskovsky Komsomolets” No. 28565 dated June 24, 2021

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Fish Sunday


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